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I haven't experienced any lag in a single match up to today. but for the first time just now I'm unable to log into the game. it's not loading . unstalled and tried. it's same. not loading .plz fix this soon Great job

Its pretty fun with friends, the only thing that i'm afraid is someone is afk. But i'm ok with this problem because i'm loving this new features everyday, great prizes, even sweet victories. So, i'll give this rating a 5 stars! Must have

Why do I have to be lvl 8 to regain access to my account? I have to waste so much time getting up to level 8 for no reason whatsoever. It's a great game and lots of fun, but that's pretty annoying. Well done!!

It's become better and better, but some hero need more fix/adjustment, like Saber ultimate, it should lock the enemy in place, when I use the ulti on Fany while using her cable for example, Saber jump on her but then she still moving so the Saber ulti is not lock Fany in the position as it should, hopefully this can be fixed soon. Highly Recommend.

Game crashes after major updates. Moreover game won't work on mobile data except on WiFi which is really irritating. Developers are very slow in responding. They don't respond much to queries. Game play, controls, graphics, etc are okay. Works great

Hey there... i got some small issue. My account mobile legend can't access.. my id mr.surya12. Can u fix it? Thank you so much. Worth it!

PVP heaven love it

Hello Mobile Legends, i play this game now near 5k matches.. Still not mythic. Many afk, nub players especially indonesia many nub player. Can pity me? Fix the matching system in ranked let good player matches with good player. Repeated Afk player ban for 3 days. Open the server so we can meet many players around the world not just in our server only Great job

I hate it! Everytime i tried to share my battle results the game got crashed all of a sudden. More than that, when i tried to streaming live on my Facebook account the game got restarted for no reason, leaving me to be reported bcs my teammate thought i was afk, but i wasn't! And oh! The lag oh boy it's unbearable Surprisingly

I love the game but it's so laggy after the update. It will stop (but I have green ping) and it will go to the home screen. I hate it because I'm playing and when I will reconnect again to the game, the game finished. Then, I get penalty. I CAN'T EVEN PLAY PROPERLY! Fantastic

I always teamed-up w/ newbie teammates & the worst AFK players,whenever I play 1 or 2 of my teammates are always lag...that's why I stacked in my ranked... it's so annoying...i think u should be strict on players w/ slow internet connection, like garena AOV, u can't match-up when u have slow internet...I'm so disappointed! love it

Hi, after the latest update, it keep restarting and i am unable to play the game at all.. kindly rectify the issue. I am using google pixel 2 Good

I hope they see this, your Game is pretty enjoyable, but can you make like- when you bought a skin, the special picture you got(ex. You got 23 legendary or a 5+ winstreak in ranked game) change like the skin you bought. Please make it like that and i'll make sure to re-rate this 5 star Flawless

After the latest update, I can't log in to my account it keep on loading resources and than back to Moonton logo and keep doing so for the past hour. What happen? Please sort it out. Great!

Too many toxic player. I hope you can add more regulations for those players that can suspend thier accounts for a week or so. Awesome

I've never had a problem but recently after the can't match up bug even though my ping is good and green there is no smooth gameplay my skills cast are seconds late and sometimes I'm there trying to run through a wall . I've even contacted the customer services but they turn a blind to my problems 'wait patiently' my a** do you even read our suggestions I wonder Instead of introducing new hero every 2-3 weeks I reckon you pay more attention to the lag issues Recommend

can you make this game more interesting like gamd sound in our own language.. i mean like chinese, japan, indonesia language pack sound.. Works great

I love it well designed characters great and easy controls this is one of the best strategy games I have ever experienced. Perfect

Day by day its getting better and better. Good improvement and keep it up. M enjoying it a lot. A lot more than CoC Marvelous

This game is really fun but also it gets a little boring when all u have to do is "fighting" so I have A idea maybe u can put in little mini games we can play with other players like your friends And also maybe u can do a little chat and hang out place and pls do not have anyone online date and then 3rd idea kinda when ever we fight can the chat be a little bit bigger so we can we each other's chat? I know this game is like league of legends but for me it's really boring when u just have to fight but anyway the fighting is fun so dont remove it and also a game idea u should do capture the flag :) Omg

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