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Welp, this game got me addicted and my only problem is trash talking in the game. Seriously? Is that how hardcore gamers communicate/interact with each other? Even I don't trash talking to my friends or my enemies but nahhh, it's slightly bothering me. So yup, keep up the good works moonton!! Two thumbs up!! Fabulous!

I Just hate Lags,and please give punishments not only for those AFK's but also to those poor players which serves as feeder in the game and they can still even use to make thrash talks although they are notnplaying safe.How Rude? And please the diamond purchases please lower them so that I can able to buy heroes through diamonds easily Enjoy it!

Developers warning. I have recieved scam emails claiming to be from apple saying that i have a 50 dollar reoccurring purchase for this game. I do not have you game via itunes and installed in on android to leave this note. I have comfirmed with my credit card company there was no purchase. The link provided in the scam email was requesting a itunes id and password. Please look into this. Just wow

Please help me, i cant open the game. It stuck on the game loading screen. And the loading is not working. I have a good connection, i can open YouTube, instagram, and others game as usual but cant open this game, please help me as soon as possible. ps:/ i already uninstall and install the game but still same. note* i'm using huawei mate 10 Cool

ALUCARD NERF FANNY NERF BALMOND NERF CHOU NERF YSS NERF HILDA NERF KAGURA NERF LANCE NERF Moontoon kamu mahu apa? mahu duit? kami bagi kamu . Epic lance keluar ramai beli kamu nerf kan dia Not bad

I had a serious problem in my type of phone. The graphics seems poor, all the hero's picture hasn't shown, and when i play this game the internet connection is very POOR!!! It needs to be fixed. But i love this game anyway. Worth a go!

The game's amazing! Although there could be improvement on having a wider variety of maps to play. I have found an issue with the lagging, especially when you loose connection or the system crashes down, afterwards you get reported for afk behaviour with a consequence of diminished credits although it wasn't your fault. Omg

Good games is like licking, great games is like sipping with a spoon and mobile legend is like drinking with a mug. My only wish is that its internet requirement be a little bit less.. (i.e. if its possible to login in a weak internet signal.) And offline mode. Superb!

Let's start with the reason why I'm so pissed here I HOPE you can fix it ASAP. So I have an account on the iPad which I'd like to transfer to my Android device and I've tried Facebook moonton account and they all don't work???? Fix that please. Learn from vainglory, there's no such things as "apple regulations" an account is an account be it apple or andriod, vainglory accounts can synch ON BOTH, now I really hope you can fix it so people can enjoy it more Fantastic

Very addictive. -update March 08, 2018 Please fix the lag. I have top speed 4G internet connection but in game it's so laggy. This causes me to lose rank stars. Pfft. Muito bom!

I love this game. I play this game so many times in a day. The only problem is sometimes my game lagged too much and I can't play very well. Please look this matter otherwise this game is too good. Awesome

There are two things I don't like in Mobile Legends, first when you get to the point that you're chasing the enemy, if you try to attack the computer will not let you attack the enemy insted it will automatically send you to the nearest minion and lets you attack on it and second, the prices of the heroes. But all in all Mobile Legends is great! I like playing it, when I need an energizer I will just play it. Actually Mobile Legends is my favorite game lately. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Perfect

I love this game so much, but all the feature in my phone not perfect yet. Everytime i logged in it's always reaload. And for the feature of all the hero they won't move and for the skin they won't showed up. Please fix this, thanks. Just wow

Great moba especially when you dont have time to sit in front of a computer to play life before. Only problem is lag has been an issue since a few updates before. Using home wifi and the ms will just jump around when fight starts and return to normal after a few seconds. Fights take a few second so its important. Currency is over priced and everything is super expensive. Looking for a new game now since these dev are all about pay to win now. Enjoy it!

Great MOBA game, but too many indonesian playing. keep on demoralizing other players. using profanity (e.g anjing = dogs, kontol = d!#khead.) can developers do something about this? penalty them frm using such words. make them be suspended from ranking games or something. its really not a friendly game if you include this kind of players. wow lol

Make the credit score penalty heavier. As, for players who AFK will be banned from playing rank few hours or days(it on you). Another one is could you make the macthmaking better. Eg if the Player winrate is 75% and match played 1000,they will be match with almost the same winrate and match played. Good

DEVS. PLS FIX THE TUTORIAL AND NEW ACCOUNT THING. Dammit. i have an account but sometimes, when i reinstalled this game, it's start from the beginning. I already bind my account to googleplay and facebook tho.. pls fix this bug. THIS EXIST SINCE LONG TIME AGO. FIX. THIS. and also pls erase that "you can change account when u reach lv 8" thing. this stressed me out. why i must lvling until lv 8 to change to my account? back then u can change it freely even from the start. no requirement level back then.. 5 star

Dear developers of Mobile legeng why do u update the game. Whether it is to improve or make it worst. With your new update I can't even log in, it keeps restarting. Kindly check into this issue Not bad

The game is addictive and fun to play. To admit, I have been playing this game day and night due to the fun quests and daily free items for logging in. However, there are demotivated situations such as unexpected lag which caused your hero died unexpectedly, amateur players that cause your rank and wining rate degraded (if you keep losing in the game), and players afk when losing situation. I sincerely hope they able to penalize for those who afk frequently and also overcome the lagging situation. Go well

Pls give a better punishment for afk because there will be many afk if we don't do that and the will think that even though they are afk the will just be punish lightly. Pls give this some thoughts. Or did you just want a lot of people play it by not doing so. Pls thing more about the game and less about the money. Thank you so much. Great!

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