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lag lag lag.. fix lag problem.. other game rarely lag at important time yet this game multiple time.. even so all the fans ml still love this game... just lag will make stress and not fun to play.. i pay a lot of money to play fine skin and hero but its all no fun anymore due to lag non stop .. well sure the latest phone can play without problem.. but what about the low one.. cant even move properly making the player like suicide and more afk.. Worth it!

Respected sir , I am a hardcore player of your game but from some day your game is hacked. Some player playes with one shot kill kind of mode. There is lots of videos available on YouTube that how to use this mod. If you ban their account they create a new one. By this way this game will destroy very soon. Sir please take some steps about it we really love to play this game. And please try to set up an Indian server . Lots of players are suffering for low ping. Thank you. Good

Reinstalled twice still high ping. -___- Then if you want to clear cache maybe i cannot bring back my old account. Please make solutions for this issues aside from AFK players. This game is great but what is happening now is ughhhh. I wanna play already i missed a lot of chests and emblems so please take action on it. Thanks!! Works perfectly

Great game. One problem, recently the connection has been quite low and I know it's not my internet since I can watch videos in high quality and stuff. I checked if there's any updates and I updated and now the loading screen is stick on LoadingResources:version Not bad

Very enjoying, but you do not have a fair matchmaking. I am at Grandmaster 4 but I still got to team up with Master 4 and you said that I would be matchmade based on my performance but I still got to team up with Warrior-like performances. Plsssssssssssssss improve matchmaking. Not that I'm saying I should always win, but the game wouldn't be as enjoying asit should be. Thanks. Muito bom!

I really liked the game but when I used the game today I couldn't log in to my account. I was trying to log back in but it wouldn't let me. I really need assistance in solving this problem as soon as possible. I was supposed to have a battle with my friends but because of that it was canceled. To the developers of mobile legends, please assist me ASAP to fix this matter. Thank you. Fantastic

I am using samsung j7prime why is that tge game is so laggy ang freezing. System notice me that my smart phone has a low specs? 3gb ram? But when im playing other games i have no issue like this. Tnx. Must have

Dota or lol fans will like this game for sure ! I do. Only thing that frustrates is matchmaking, 80% of the time i get noobs on my team and opposite team always stronger and more experienced than my team. Overall 9/10 Worth a go!

Make the Chou fighter again he doesn't steal life that's the reason why no one use him as fighter even though he is a fighter. If you want to make him tank then make him tank do unnecessarily put him in fighter list that's useless Amazing!

Best MOBA ever.! Bt i hate the tutorials in the starting part! And moreover i hate that we cant connect to any account until lvl8. It sucks.! Mobile legends server, please. . please change this! Most of the ML player are suggesting not 2 have this pattern. (Like this those who agree) love it

So I have been playing for a bit. Great controls and decent game flow. Games don't take too long and it's easy to try different heroes. The thing that has now made me try other mobile mobas is the fact that I wanted to buy a skin for one of my favorite hero's, only to find out its nearly $20 for the one premium skin. Completely not worth it. They do have some lower quality, older skins for $10 or less. But those are completely outdated. I will see what other mobas have to offer first. Sucks because I loved this game. Muito bom!

I have the same issue. Already update the game and it keeps loading and loading and LOADING! NOW i have to reach lvl, 8 for thr sake of reaching my acc. This js so terrible zzz Worth a go!

Can you guys add an attack and hold for irithel? She has a big tiger make the ult a switch between the arrows and where the tiger holds you down for at least 2 to 3 seconds Flawless

The game is good, but for the linking account part is ridiculous. I don't understand why must be level 8 then can logon to existing account. It is wasting our precious time just to play so many useless matches until level 8 to change back to your exiating account. Please i would you suggest to change your system of changing of existing account. Thanks Pretty good

It's Super Addicting I dont know why but when i played this my mood changes. From me being my personality of a quite person turns into a bubbly person when i play this. My family and friends are laughing at me when i play this because of the ridiculous thing i said when battling. Flawless

The game is fun to play but a little buggy. Im getting afk penalty but for game i didnt play. There is history but no data and there no replay for the game. I got another afk penalty today for a game that i got mvp on.... i finished the game under 11min and i was the one that killed the lord to win the game. is it even possible to kill a boss by yourself and still afk and win under 11min. Im sure at my level it not possible. Is this even a bug..... it so hard to report this in the game. Is there even a report system in the game? Good

New Update now is lagging with bugs.. no sound.. and cannot see the hero.. the event hero skin im use diamond used twice but get 1 fragment. please fix this.. im waste my diamond.. and also please fix it back.. i want my fb bind back.. i cant do that.. have been report that but no action... Go well

Dear Moonton, I can't go to the original server when I'm lvl 5 in advance server is this a bug? Or an error? Or i cannot go back when my lvl is under 8? Please just please i don't wanna redownload it again it's just wasting your data celuler Well done!!

System always busy.. when banning/picking time it will go back to main system and it will loading for a minute .. i lose star how many time bcuz of this system always loading im not sure what is the problem.. it is like the internet connection is not consistent? But when im playing there is no issue.. only in the system when chatting or after chatting it will load for a minute Highly Recommend.

I think they can control you as a player sometimes it moves at any direction even im in control..even the signal they make it complicated the ping is too high. im wasting my time. its addictive! Perfect

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