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I love this game. It is oke, but a lot of noobs ...and its so annoying every time when i change my device or again install game i must play tutorial until lvl 8... I dont know what are u doing all the time with updating this game , but every time when u do something on game it start bugs, and the game doesnt work properly, lagging to much...and for example now i cant even start the game, because all the time restarting login screen of game... Not bad

Overall it is good time killer. However, some of player's emotion easily affected and I find many players use inappropriate words. "profanity" report can not cover as usually inappropriate words using mother tongue slank. I wish it has "block user" features. Worth it!

It used to work well with minimum lags but ever since the newest update came out, the game kept lagging! It is no longer smooth like how it used to be. Please fix!!! It is disrupting my gameplay and I keep losing because of it. wow lol

This game would get a better rating if it did not kick me out every few minutes. The graphics quality is also poor, but other than that, no problems. I'll improve my rating once my problems with this game do. Go well

MLBB can you please fix this update bug, martis just got released and the game updated properly but its stuck on the loading screen and i dont know why and the wifi signal is strong please ML devs i hope you read this so you can fix this bug. ML please......i worked so hard on my acc Enjoy it!

Hey good game only problem is i played this before and had bought many characters under Gmail acc and it doesnt seem to have synced in with my acc leaving me with no characters except having to start over again please fix for me please thank you Omg

Dear Moonton pls make new matchmaking system like dota 2 , Solo Rank And Party Rank, Too much Acc Acount players who make rank match not balance And idk why sometimes meet 1000++ stars mythic player party with his friends againts solo player like me . This is not fair dude . Surprisingly

Dear Moonton, ur games was great but it is the hell lag always making players fed up and the ending defeat in ranked. Pls be profesional Highly Recommend.


When i always update it, the hero is not showing/ i can only see a magic ball or that cristal ball or something my last update is like that again and i uninstall it and install it its good i can see the heroes and the players heroes pls help me fix my mobile legends Amazing!

Why it so laggy even when the signal is strong it still lagggggg and the moving pad keeps stuck i reinstall it couple of times and it still the same please FIX THIS and don't make too much update it isn't necessary if u want to make update make sure that u FIXED all the BUG Perfect

This game is garbage for so many reasons. All you new players will think "its such a good game". Wait till you continue to play this for a while and you'll come back and find out why it plain out sucks. If Moontoon decides never to listen to the given criticism of it's players, good luck keeping your company alive. Either that, or your game will just be filled with a bunch of screaming little kids firing at every team mate for no reason. But wait, I dont think they care as long as they get money from them right? Thats the truth you all need to focus on as well, if you really look into it you will realize all of it is done to gain money for their company. If you don't understand what I mean, just continue to play and think about why some days you have a losing streak and other days you suddenly have a win streak Works perfectly

So far so good. The only problem here is rude environment during the game. If I play with players from the same country, some players use harsh words, and it is very rude to say during the game. It would be nice to have a warning from the creator and / or game owner to all players to always be polite in the game. Alternatively, give restrictions on using the messaging feature during the game. Or, give away to report an offensive player. Lastly, I really enjoy this game. I really hope the game maker can provide a conducive game environment. Fabulous!

1. Sudden fps drop (with turned on high fps mode in medium graphic) 2. buggy map glitch (enemy on map while they been away), 3. sudden lag/stutter while playing (Even on the menu screen) 4. PING is red sometimes (even when i use my 5g wifi connection) playing on snapdragon 821 device . 5 star

This game is awesome...But there are somebugs that needs to be fixed.If we report bug,the reply by your service takes too much time...Hence making us wait for too long.Please check that your customer care is good enough to serve people good.!! Muito bom!

Been playing for 3 years now... And seriously, it's a good game. But then again, i hear people who play ML want more BB rewards. Yeah, i agree, since BB rewards are so less after a match. By the way, no need to use cards to increase BB, i mean, come on. Anyways great game and bring on mpre updates. Just wow

I am a big ARTS/MOBA fanatic and this game is the best offering on mobile after testing almost every other competitor, it feels like a real MOBA optimized for mobile phones. The only issue I have is that BP is very hard to come by, why not awadlrd some for ranked wins or even MVPs. Awesome

The game lagged too much. I tried to clear data but when i enter the game the heroes has no picture at all. Now i uninstalled it then install again for sure i can not log in to my account unless i reach level 8 seems like i'm back as it was my first time playing the game..... Brilliant

Excuse me may i ask? Why everytime theres a major changes the server keep lagging? It really bothers the gameplay because it keep lagging all the time. And the game experience im having is really bad right now. I almost feel like i want to uninstall the game if this lag keep going on. Cant you do something about this? Thankyou wow lol

Its a good game but why do I have to be Lvl8 to log in to existing account? And not to mention the lock on the attack focuses on minions, can't you set it so that it locks onto a hero naturely? Anyway other than that its a fun game. Enjoy it!

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