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I am a league of legends adc silver 3 player layla is more like Tristan's but tristana has bomb with e while Layla has stun. Really fun game Marvelous

Lesley skill 1 maybe overpowered.. - get MS 30% - get attack + up to 250.. - can’t be targeted by a skill - disappear in hero lock mode - disappear in minimap - short cooldown - no shadow One skill Seven benefits. Please NERF oer maybe rework for better balance gameplay.. Highly Recommend.

Why don't you try real super hero characters that we know like from dc anime etc such as. Dragon ball naruto bleach justice league avengers try doing it new heroes are good but if there are some like worldwide famous heroes also then it would sound much more interesting Cool

If we report the other players that they almost throw the game, please give them punishment. And put or add choices of report like abusive or foul words If i reinstall this game app it'll become bug or when I play I didn't their skills. That's I don't know what happen in the gameplay. Please do immediately response about this. Go well

It is too laggy and glitchy for me so I'm deciding to delete this game. The n there is a bunch of trashtalkers saying, "Omg you are sooooo bad and trash at this game." It's not our fault that the game is always lagging and reloading for people with certain devices. Heroes are cool but is really frustrating when I'm always getting demoted from my league, losing, mostly because of my team. New modes would be a lot better. Not bad

Really awesome game. But how can I earn diamonds? Plss tell me. They give new skin new hero. And after a few weeks you'll just know that your favorite character like Chou. And to many characters they make nerf. Kind of boring to play this now. This sucks Recommend

So, I've been trying to buy starlight for a week now, and every time I try to buy them it tells me error transaction cannot be completed. I've tried everything to fix it. It is not my credit card either it's your game please fix this issue Must have

The last update is so not well our network is so very strong.but is said in MLBB everytime i play and i cant play because its 285 ms but our net us strong. Please fix the last update so a can rate you 5 stars and i can play much better Great job

My first played MOBA. This is excellent game and there's nothing could beat this game. Otherwise, please make improvement like losing stars cause of that AFK player. Deducting credits may not the good way to discipline afk players. Its good if no one's lose or gain star either win or not. Make it the game not counted so players not waist time to pursue the game. I'll give 5 stars if 5 theres improvement. Thanks! Brilliant

I hate playing this when some of the players just dont care about the other player.. if they got afk they just lose a credit point which is unfair for those who loses star because of them... pls take action gir that and fir those who always farm and doesnt care of what happen to other members... it was always so unfair if u lose because of them... take action bout that cause some players starting to hate the game because we see no action bout that kind of players... hope u take an action bout this Perfect!

Its a really fun gamr cant go a day without playing it. Only problem i have is controls. Sometimes when running hero suddenly stops, especially when being chased. I dont know if its a bug or some network issue but hate it. Needs fixing. Only does this on android do have problems on iPhone Cool

I connot open now what happen i change my acount and then theres no open... why always say sorry your mobile legend is not carrently avaliable in your country or region..... why? I always use this game because its really fun, but i always get the bugs please fixed my mobile legend. Just wow

Guys switching your account is easy unless u have an account in google..switching via cellphone u all have to do is go to settings then look for "google " tap the "add acount"if you finish adding new account in your said new cp.switch the new 1. Or delete the old one to switch ur existing mobile legend account.. thanks.. Great!

Its an awesome game ... Only reason I am giving a 4 star.. ever since the recent updates... The game is getting stuck more and more often.. now it gets stuck at the moontoon logo page and that's it.. I can't play the game also. Come you guys.. so many people are having this problem.. Solve it.! Good

I can't even open the game these days. Its stuck at the loading screen ever since your non stopping update. Please improve your match up system (eg matching up solos and solos) and do something serious to those who afk at rank game. love it

I like the game but there's always some problem with it. My problem for the control is that sometimes the joystick won't move when i'm moving it. My problem for the graphics is the heroes look so cool on both photos and shop/hero entrance but when it comes to the gameplay itself it's look changes, I mean we can see how the hero looks when we play cause everytime there's an update the game always load and when it's not finish yet, when it's maybe half 30 and when you go to the heroes you can see what they look like in the gameplay Awesome

the recent update on 15 dec 2017 had made game very laggy i m just losing my credit.Although the game is amazing and i love spend time playing mobile legends. Just this inconvenience had made me bit upset. i m sure you will fix fair 5v5 match selection always finds afk players Well done!!

What the hell new skin irithel starlight member!? Previously was so nice. After update it look like sick cat. Do something because we player not happy we spent money for that stuff! Great job

im indonesian player, im not enjoying the game because its lagging my ping always jumping while the connection great. idk my wifi its not a problem, and my own mobile data its have a great stable network but this game is the one most worst network catching like its doesnt take a good connection Anymore. i play this game like past almost 6 month ago and its not lagging like these days. Works great

I honestly like the game I just can't get over the fact that I cant change my gear loadout. Being able to fully customize a loadout is how players individually achieve their characters maximum potential and feel for the game. looked online to see what I can do about it and nothing. It let me change one item once which really got my hopes up because then it wouldn't let me change anything else so for that reason I'm uninstalling this game which is a shame. It's fun to play good time killer but I'm very picky with my loadouts and because of the glitch of customisation I can't give this game any more than three stars. 5 * potential though. Superb!

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