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Game is great but lag kills the fun This is by far the closest incarnation of MOBA for android. I love to play but there are huge lag spikes in between. I have 5 MBps plan but I expect a stable ping while playing a game. Edit: Game is improving fast. New heroes , new skins. Loving it.

The Next Big Thing! One of the best MOBA around. The mirror mode map allows every team to play on the left! No disadvantage on both side of the team. However there are still many rooms for improvement. If you are craving fo MOBA and a pc/laptop cant be played anywhere, this is the game for you. Play it! Let's support the game by reloading for server enhancements! I'll play this game for a year or three! =)

Keep It Up Nice Update. I posted a problem once and It was Fixed But My other problems were still left unsolved. The Aiming's still Bad. Whenever you chase an enemy, The aim automatically changes to the creeps. Please Change it that the hero only shoots skills only to where it is facing. AI's that replace a disconnected player are Highly Useless. Would be great if they stay still at the base. Still waiting for it to be fully fixed.

Good Game, But... Its a very good game, I love it! Its super fun and you'll get hooked on it right away if you're into the moba genre. The only downside is the amount of bugs, and the connection issue is just terrible. I can play other mobas on my phone and tablet without lag even with people using the internet. But in this game I can only play during the nights when nobody is using the WiFi or when nobody is home. If I play otherwise, my Ms(Ping) will skyrocket super high! Plssss fix this! (UPDATE) Ping is so much better. Still not getting 5 star cuz regarded ranked teammates.

Really fun This game is very fun and fast-paced, a perfect MOBA for phones. But, since the new in-game chat update, there really should be a mute button for specific players. In my recent games, there are people who just keep flaming for no reason, and it usually affects the player's gameplay

PLEASE NOTICE FOR THE JOY OF EVERYONE Very addictive but you guys should let us change our nicknames not one time you know lets us change in every level like in level 5,10,15,20.... and so on please let is change i want to change my nickname so bad and i know that im not the only one who wants it though. PLEASE NOTICE FOR THE HAPPINESS OF EVERYONE THANKYOU

Amazing. Play it yourself. Best part is. everything can be earned, skins, new characters etc. Devs actually listen to players. Customer support was slow but no hassling and refunded me for bp ticket before they fixed the time locking. Never liked the moba genre but this game is epic.

Looking great! No problem so far! But i hope you guys can give us some gems after winning rank game. Its impossible for a poor like me to buy some gem. Anyway Here's My Suggestion: 1. Keep adding heroes. 2. Add customise map (example: maps with different weather especially this coming christmas). And last 3. Nerf Fanny a little bit, she is over power if use correctly. Thats all i hope you have a good day! (PS: Im looking forward for the Christmas Event, hopefuly i get some heroes if possible haha :D)

Best one on market Small size,big game! Just need a few more characters and maybe option to 3v3 or 1v1 idk Muito bom!

Legal É um jogo bom, porém é uma cópia muito óbvia de League of Legends com a interface de Overwatch. Se os controles do jogo fossem um pouco melhores eu daria 4 estrelas. Sobre os controles: As habilidades tem um controle ok, mas o ataque básico é ruim demais para ser controlado, eu estava batendo em uma torre quando de repente eu comecei a atacar um herói inimigo, pelo fato de que não dá pra direcionar meu ataque. Se possível melhorem o controle do ataque básico. Superb!

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