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Enjoyable and a well-balanced game! I'm having lots of fun everytime I play this game! The game is really enjoyable, but the thing that I truly hate is the lag that I am getting each new update. The lag is getting worse every update as it looks like that the game is consuming more and more data every update. However, this does not stop me from being a fan of this game because I know that the developers will fix this as soon as possible. A pretty decent game that anyone can play and truly enjoy! Keep improving! Well done!!

Decent moba Solid gameplay. Good controls. Limited heros but they are making more with time. Team communication- what team communication? You dont have time in a match to type anything- add voice chat. Very little rewards for match wins contributing to extremely slow hero accumulation- requires money if you want variety... also on a more personal note... my penta kills never register... I've achieved 5 but account information reads 0 pentas. Bogus. Pretty good

Really fun This game is very fun and fast-paced, a perfect MOBA for phones. But, since the new in-game chat update, there really should be a mute button for specific players. In my recent games, there are people who just keep flaming for no reason, and it usually affects the player's gameplay. Great job

Developers please read. Great game, good graphics, a lot of actions, and minimal redundancy of farming. I do have some issues/comments though. (1) Please implement a queue dodge. This will enable people who do not connect or the "one tricks" to not unwillingly punish 4 other players. (2) there is currently no website officially for this game with detailed stats, it would be useful to have a forums chat as well. (3) it would be nice to see the the scaling of each champions stats per level as well as emblem stats as each level. love it

Enjoyable overall There are some server issues which they are openly working on, and the grind for new characters is real. But overall it is a pretty balanced experience. I've played 400 games across a few accounts, and apart from those gripes this is an excellent game. Also play with sound on, the voice overs are incredibly bad and definitely worth listening too Worth a go!

I was in love with it but then... I really do like this game but... There is a BUT... I need to complain about how nothing is done to players who lead their team to death. I've had a really good score but then it started to match me up with people who didn't corporate at all, and for now I don't remember when was the last time I won. So please DON'T PLAY this game if you don't know how or at least don't play ranked and learn how to team play. To the game creator, please do something with these kind of people, take an example from DOTA 2. Perfect!

Excellent game The lag lag lag lag pls fix that and more heroes and make a 50% persent off and if you win matches you get 5 diamonds. Thanks.And pls banned Kaisude bcause he just sayed bad word Omg

how you will do dear mobile legend this game app is so verry nice. but can you creat a version for offline gaming.because in our country many of us dont have stable connection for internet thus we cant enjoy the game thankyou 5 star

buggy ,laggy and afk problems. Hero with no avilable human player stay at base coz it keep feeding the enemy. Keep rc to an unfinish match . I encounter it after updated it. Overall it's an addictive game. Add more character it'll be great. One more thing there is some player who using franco do the DENDI STYLE. recall home and at the very last minute they hook the enemy straight to the base. dunno if it's a bug or cheat but pls fix it. Superb!

Unknown error Whenever i play this after i picked my hero it would always stop loading ang theres a warning sign"unknown error pls try again" so my games will always be abandon. Kindly fix... Works perfectly

good game but i have a sudg: if you can fix the towers dmg and also its useless when two enemy or more attcks you inside the tower its gets silence not attacking enemy wtf is that? also in lvl exp change it your only in a lane then two enemy is there but same as getting exp with two of them change the exp gets wen two or more players on the lane and also can you add more skin hero in fragment thnks ill gave you 5star if this all happend Must have

Well done At first for a game like this the controls would be complicated, its actually simple yet effective and the gameplay is no less in quality. Very enjoyable experience. Only small niches here and there but really its like a 4.5 star for me. Fabulous!

So disappointed! I really love the game and it really is time consuming for me! It can relieve me stress as well at times! But I'm really disappointed at your new update. Please fix the lags and the bugs most especially Brilliant

Connection issue I like the game... its simple and cool but are you expecting the users to have a really really strong internet connection? Where not on the CIA ya know? Maybe because its global, my bad Flawless

Good Game! It feels like playing Dota in the phone. I have never gave a 5 star to a game before other than this. Keep up the good work! Ang hoping to play more characters in the near future. Amazing!

Good but could be better! Great game overall. Controls need a bit getting used to. Also needs more support heroes... just one support/healer? Seriously? Add more and maybe I give a 5 star. Muito bom!

Crashing and lags I could've given a 5 star but pls fix the game... After the last update gaming experience is too crappy... Game always crashing and lagging more recently... But with all that still this game rocks! More power and pls fix it asap... Thanks Go well

1 confusing problem The Friends List..its like more than 10 people online but if i invite them, even one didnt accept..i observed that they are all offline.. Its just like confusing pls..fix this bug or something..i will rate back to 5 stars..if you did Thanks! Perfect

Nice game. Lag fixed, thank you :) Thank you for fixing the lag. The game is super nice with minimum lagness! Definitely recommend everyone to play it. It's best mobile role playing game as far as I know! :D

Lost interest Many people will lost there interest in this game if there is no custom lobby. where we can fight 5v5 with our friend. Please look into this matter as soon as possible..About the rank system..when we search for the rank match we use to play against 5 man party when search alone this really effect the player plus..its not fair..plz look into this problem...

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