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PROBLEM Unstable Ping/Connection This game actually the best game ever i had play but as the player we had problem with unstable ping/ unstable connection internet. I actually from dota 2 player my connection with dota server never had problem before. But when i played in moba i has this problem (UNSTABLE Ping). This Problem make my record bad. I hope you guys can help player to make it stable while we play.. HELP ASAP Highly Recommend.

Very cool Perhaps the best mobile MOBA I have ever tried. My friends and I always play together. Please add characters that are more affordable. Oh,and also. Can you make a custom game option so that we can fight against our friends. Thanks for this game!!! Works great

LOVE THIS GAME BUT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Hello, I am an avid fan of this game. I tried using bluestacks before but it didnt work..however, when I get back to play this using bluestacks it worked but the 3 skills at the buttom dont have a shortcut key. I hope next update u can work it out. thanks. 5 star

About the New Update I like the Video replay in the new update but I feel the game play is not as smooth as before. It's kind of lagging despite having good internet connection. The female voice is quite annoying. She talks a lot which is disturbing. The male voice was more pleasant to ears. And also it will be good if we are allowed to sell our unused heroes. Flawless

Nice game I like the gameplay style. need more hero. the game controller sometimes the hero move wrong direction. Anyone don't try to play if bad connection. Btw the controlled sometimes bug when start battle. And..even I at mid but still can see the monster in forest. Please make more dark for the forest. Perfect

Okay Great Job I tried play back and new update awesome and im gladly spend another $50 buck for it. The server lagging isssue seem not more except my line carrier suck sometime. Muito bom!

Great game, great flaws Been playing this game for about 2 weeks now. The game play is fun and fluid, easy controls, and holds true to being a MOBA and a pretty fun one too. BUT! There do not appear to be regions with this game, so depending on who you get paired with, in a game, dictates the connectivity... so one game will be great and the next unplayable. This game would be an easy 5 star with regional divisions, but the connection issues are so great it takes away 2 from it..... Recommend

Improved.. Pretty much improved.. but here I have a suggestion. Put a much easier and efficient controls. For some heroes they are hard to use bec of the controls like Fanny, Franco etc. Why dont you put a control like we just tap the skill and click it throughout the screen. Something like that.. Pretty good

Game good but Im playing this like couple of weeks and now am glorious legends and buy freya. But after that this game gave me so much laggy. My wifi got 500mbs but i always got 1k+ ping. Now i can't play because of that. Can you please fix this? Thanks! Awesome

So many dc and lag players It will be good to stop a game if a player have a connection problem. Those red and dc players, and the teaming is so out of balance. Some countries have a very slow connection that made them ruin the game. Oh, btw can I suggest the developer to add server like North America/America, Europe and Asia. If you do some player would love it too. Oh, last thing can it would be great if we can see the enemy picks for counter reasons like Freya she's so OP. Your AI makes the game 5 v. 4 + food. Not bad

Good but some suggestions It's a good game but I have some suggestions, first add a chatbox for friends so that we can decide which mode to play and who all are gonna play, next I'm facing heavy connectivity issues when I'm having a 10mbps connection and with full WiFi signal it's ping shows sometimes 500ms ping sometimes it's normal to 74ms. Please have a look to these issues. Go well

Lags a lot In the middle of the game. It gets laggy then disconnects. Its kinda disappointing that this issue is not address despite the fact that its already stated in the previous comments. When will you take action. Overall nice game... Hate the lag part 5 star

For DOTA mobile lovers Very addictive games! The only problem its drain my battery so fast, i could only play 3 times before i have to recharge my mobile again. If you could have any advice to save more power i'm listening Enjoy it!

Tower's hp is very low Tower's damage is ok, butttt tower's hp is very low. A lvl 5 hero can destroy it fast, covered by the minions. A lvl 15 hero with poor eq can destr it from full hp by 8 hits only without help. Please give the tower more hp. Omg

Amazing!! Beautiful graphics and incredible gameplay! Has great and easy controls and the servers run really well. Several heros to pick from all very unique and fun to play. My only issue is that ranged players and shoot through walls and being hooked through walls could happen as well, really hope they fix that.. Aside from that, the game is incredible. I never was a moba player but this game sucked me into it. Addictive? Definitely can be! Not bad

Good but.... I cant see chats while playing coz its so small and its located right at the movement controller (for small phone), communication is important to build a team plans. change alliance commands in easiest way (like help me, all mid etc) its better in one touch and pick command, no option for turning off vibration, And can u do somethung about low spec? I played in tablet and its fine but when its lowbat i changed playing in my phone which is small.. It always lags and exited in the middle of playing. Fantastic

so far, so good. But there's an issue sometimes that when im in game and im in the middle of a clash it suddenly disconnected from the game it says "tallying battle" it keeps on reconnecti g till 75% then it will return again into the main menu then back again on loading screen... my internet connection is good i guess its from your server. I hope you can fix this... overall your updates are very impressive. Keep it up.. Cool

Alow chat after battle Reconfig battle chat buttons so more easily reachable . Please make it so that we have to reach like 25 medals to get chests , with a lower cooldown , i play a lot and it would be cool if somehow we get small rewards for each game or make it so we have to play a bunch more to get a reward . Something along that line. I am enjoying the game so far, keep up the work. Hopefuly you guys actually read this! Marvelous

Updated Review - Major Unbalance After having played it for some time, I can make a more direct and detailed review. The gameplay can be very fun and enjoyable, don't get me wrong. However, poor hero creation and calculations have led to very unbalanced match ups. Certain heroes are just clearly more powerful than others. FAIR 5v5 MOBA? No. Other than certain heroes having an obvious advantage on others by raw power and potential, the gameplay is fantastic. Unbalance isn't the only major issue, but the biggest right now. Worth it!

PLEASE NOTICE FOR THE JOY OF EVERYONE Very addictive but you guys should let us change our nicknames not one time you know lets us change in every level like in level 5,10,15,20.... and so on please let is change i want to change my nickname so bad and i know that im not the only one who wants it though. PLEASE NOTICE FOR THE HAPPINESS OF EVERYONE THANKYOU Works great

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