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Fix your dam servers pls Great game but dam the lag is annoying. I have a fast and stable wifi and i always get disconnected before the match and worse it affects my credit score. For the past week ive been playing nothing but brawl cause of the lag pls fix this already! Brilliant

Great game, but a lot of champions need nerfs (Fanny, holy crap!) and buffs. Balance the game better, it will make for a greater gaming experience. Pretty good

fanny is still OP on Steal Cable put cooldown on it pls Fanny skill Steal Cable is very OP u dont need even boots just use steal cable so OP that skill dont have cooldown change that skill put some cooldown on it Great!

Best Moba game of all.... better than vain glory, call of champions, etheral arena etc etc.... all are useless except this!! interesting MOBA game...devs, keep on improving Superb!

Disconnecting Issue Even if I have a stable network connection and fast internet speed, still I'm having a disconnecting issue which is very disappointing. Surprisingly

Graphic Unlike most of the people, I'm satisfied by the game but not the graphic. It seems so...cartoon. Should have make them look more alive in battle ground. And why you even adding the ENTER GAME on matchmaking queue if you cant even exit it? Good

Best MOBA ive tried other moba games and this is the best.. but i always having connection problem while in battle Worth a go!

Updates With updates this game can only get better, more like LoL, just needs to nerf a few chars change a few skills that way they're not so broken, and keep updating soon this will be like my favorite game LoL but on mobile. Go well

Love it!^_^ It is so fun but 3 things fix lag and add more character because it not really fun when someone takes guy and we can't get it again also add more maps it you do I give 5 star plz.... it's so addicting too Perfect

5 STAR I give 5 star to this game because it is easy to play . You need a wifi so you cannot go out to play League of Legends DOTA and etc. I'm a gamer who haven't computer in my house so this game is very awesome. Omg

best game ever play this app with family and friends (y) dont forget to prepare some snacks hehehe Recommend

Great but no meta Good game but everyone doesn't really know what to do so every game is a gamble of good or bad Fantastic

Feels like League of Leg*nds on android. Like it... love it... definitely recommended love it

But I always love your updates even till now, but please, bring back the manly voice.. Having a girl announcing is kinda creepy. Tnx! wow lol

Trining mode Its nice if it got offline training mode whenever the internet is slow or to train using heroes . Anyway , its a good game . Flawless

Fantastic We got nero from DMC4, mikasa from attack on titan, some ninjas, a guy from 3 kingdom, morigan's sister, a minotaur, a healer from coc, and viking with hook, hell yea Marvelous

Best game overall Hope you guys can work on the lag and the requirements for the internet. It'll be better if its gonna have a smooth gameplay on a lower bandwidth to give way to players/countries with slower internet speed. Cheers! Nice game! wow lol

Recent update have many changes. I love the new voice over during the fight, and some of the heroes are now have their "speech" or the things they say whenever they are in the battle field or when you try to select them . The only thing that disappear is the "who slain who" on the screen, pls bring it back. And whenever an enemy was slain the voice over said "ally slain" and the same goes when my ally was slain, "enemy slain" was spoken. That made me confused me. Fabulous!

Every time I finish the advance tutorials the game just kicks me out back to my home screen. Gameplay is great but this has to be fixed so many things to fix with this game. Because it kicks me out every time I'm done with the advance tutorials, I can't go any further in the game. Please fix this so we can play much more better Amazing!

The Game is Good but Make it so people play diffrent roles like in league of legends the one time i wanna jungle 2 others on my team jungled as well make it so you queue up for a role or 2 and play that one not go 4 mid on 1 team and 3 on the other also make refunds for champions that would be nice Brilliant

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