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Got a lot more to improve Still imbalance matches. Teamed players should be matched with another teamed players. Old: Still there are few isues needs to be address such as the character moving in frozen condition. Good

Great mobile MOBA game I'm a big fan of Smite, Paragon and LoL and this game puts those games in the palm of your hand while on the go. Couldn't really find any faults with the initial game. May update review later if I find anything. 5 star

Pretty rad actually A lot of cool points and it somehow runs on my nexus 4 as well. Super unbalanced though and has minor connection issues which i assume are to make the game function Perfect

Much better the older version The new updated version of this game sucks! That is it lags all the time.! And there is advertisement in the middle of the game, A POP UP ADS! Oh men could you fix it. I dont think it was the internet connection because the previous version run smoothly rather than this new one. Could you please fix this issue because it has so many bugs and needs Improvement! And also. It shows unknown error sometimes and the sound of the updated game is BADUy. It is irritating and it is exaggerated that is OA.! I much prefer the last sound effect cause it sounds more action rather than this new one. Overall, I like the game BUT please fix all the issues so that I can give you 5 stars. love it

It's me again Hello i'm here again :) mobile legends i think there's a problem about the connection can you fix the regioning of the game i think you need servers like SEA,Sever 1. Just like that. Please don't take it as a down i think its the best i hope you understand thank you.... I give 5star to this game i really really love it guys Worth it!

One word: Wow! I've dabbled with a few mobile MOBAs trying to find something like LoL, and nothing ever got close until this game. Definitely going to recommend this to all of my friends! Highly Recommend.

Great game! Prople said pay2win because they suck and noob in moba game :) free hero like zhao is over rate for free and u guys still said pay2win...jezz cmon this game is awesome..u guys just noob loser kids playing mobile games Surprisingly

ADDICTIVE beware. this may result in your phone ran out of battery fast. playing while charging may reduce battery life. install at your own risk. but, all of that are worth it. im using not so expensive phone anyway.. Well done!!

Nice Dev. Good game, good dev. I will give 5* if u fix lag issue even though my phone have good connection n 3gb ram wow lol

Lag Game is awesome. But most f the time it is lagging. MS is high even if i'm already on wifi and players on the game are same country... My internet and phone are okay with other games like this. Superb!

Fun game, great support I've been enjoying this game for almost a month now, made several in app purchases. I had one issues where my phone died while playing and I got logged out of my account. I emailed the customer support address listed on facebook and they were extremely helpful. They got me back into my account and playing in no time. Really a fun game for any league of legends fan Works perfectly

Good Fair balanced MOBA, nice game play experience, doesn't lag pretty much. Good job dev! Great job

Add Microphone support I love this game. still lack of heroes but i can see more coming in. but Its hard to type n play moba in mobile. If it supports microphone (and do add can mute some allies if wanted) it would be totally awesome and helps alot in gaming experience Amazing!

Highly recommended game of the year!! This Game is a great way to PvP on the go. High resolution graphics with little lag issues. A great way to hone your skills on and off league of legends. Finding yourself spending hours on this game will be a common factor as you race to be the top player. 5 stars all the way. Not bad

Great game! Excellent game. I love MOBAs and this game definitely does a great job regardless of it being on a mobile platform. Definitely not a casual game however so if that's what you're looking for than this is not the game for you. My only complaint would be that there aren't very many characters. Hopefully that will change in the future as the game expands. Perfect!

improved the game has improved but still, it would be nice if you could add in 'dodge queue'. There are a couple of times when i was playing ranked games then 1 guy on my team didnt accept the game but the game helped that guy choose a random character and ruins my ranked games Worth it!

Thumbs up for the maker I got problem with hero control its like i cant walk on while open up skill and they just stopped there while open up skill and i dead. And its little bit lag for me Enjoy it!

Why the heck will you rate a good game a 1 star? If you have problems in the game tell the developer so they can fix it. By the way good job on this game! Cool

Update I'm so satisfied with the update. It's so beautiful Great job

please fix lag and add microphone. one more thing please add more support. right now only got 1 support and it is not enough..Thanks for this great game. Well done!!

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