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Fckn Awesome! Before... Totally love it. Better than dota in my opinion. Plus, it really easy to play! Good job! I really recommend this to anyone. But, after the update.. It frequently crashes and lag.. And it really effected my game. Hope it fix soon. Fantastic

Good game keep thing up... Its a good game overall but when I get a phone call or text and have to leave the app it auto plays my character (which I don't mind) but it won't let me join my game! Please fix I can't rejoin my game when I get a phone call or anything! Pretty good

Enjoyed the game till this last update. The game is wonderful. It has alot of potential to become a 5 star game. I personally like the old announcer. This one ... she kinda announces everything in this "I'm not really excited to be here" tone. Plus, she announces everytime your turret is being attacked instead of just blinking on the map.(both happens now.) Idk it just feels like alot of dummy-proofing. I also don't like how every action (retreat,attack,defend) has to be said now. I feel as though it takes away from the "flow" of the game. Worth a go!

This game needs a better faq. I cannot figure out basics like life steal or the cool down maximum. Also, why do afk characters keep fighting? I have been disconnected and come back with deaths. I have never seen a auto pilot character help a team. Great game otherwise. Must have

Have amazing sugestion Hi developers I like your game a lot and Have some suggestion.Like you invite your mate and play together but you need to use messenger or other app. wich on some phones DRAINS battery not particularly on mine but have playd with ppl and they have sad that's happening. You could make party voice call and you don't need to use other apps. Better for you because its gonna be amazing and cool for all players. But don't make all team bcs some ppl are annoying/ don't understand. on/off switch as possibility. Just wow

LAG LAG LAG Ever since the new update came, the game was so lag! I hated it so much now! Losing so many stars in ranked game! You guys need to balance the new hero Freya ASAP. Its dominating all the games! Fix the lag ASAP! Go well

Problems This game is really awesome, but I do have some problems. I don't know if it's just me but the voice prompts are all wrong in-game. For example, it says "Enemy slain" when the enemy kills us and "Ally slain" when we kill someone when in fact, it should be the reverse. The pop-up that shows who killed who also doesn't show up for me. Other than that though, this game is pretty cool. Amazing!

Love the game No complaints. Just like league. Don't listen to the ppl complaining, they just need better Internet. I have gigabit fiber and have never lagged in this game. Awesome selection of Champs and the prices aren't terrible like in most mobile games. Love it so far Marvelous

Fix the Lag The game is great, I'm getting addicted to it but the problem is the lagging and network connection. My WiFi is not that poor, but the game keeps telling me about the poor connection and I'm getting laggy that its distracting me from playing, it is the main reason why I am getting slain and I need you to fix this. I also recommend a practice mode so that we could play with bots and practice skills, it will be great if you update the game with my suggestion. I'll rate it 5 stars. Thanks. Omg

AMAZING but one small thing This game is amazing best mobile MOBA but I wish you can play offline.. I haven't tried to ai mode just yet but if the ai is still online please add a non ranked ai mode, you gain no points or whatever it's just so you can play offline. I think it'd make the game better Not bad

Interesting Addicting My friend brought me into this game, not the type that I'd like but since my friends are playing so I'll give it a try, got addicted since then. Great gameplay and interesting heroes and system. Keep it going, hope to see more new heroes and skin! Flawless

Good game Thank u for stabilizing this game connection cause i can say that this game connection now is stable than before.. Thank u for hearing my wish too. About that more skin that we could buy using skin fragment. I have one more thing to ask. Could u do a new skin for alucard that will make this character to be look totally different in that skin and a new power effect on that skin. Not the same as the old skin. And i hope that u could make a promo on that skin for Christmas. Would really appreciate it. Thanks Works great

Good but pay to win It's a very fun game except for the pay to win aspect. I understand that developers make games to make money but I wish they had separate servers for people spending money. I can be running along in my free hero or one I grinded and saved up BP to buy, someone will just appear in the brand new Badass hero they paid $10 to have. Perfect!

Benedikt The game is awesome. Very addictive. Dont need to buy stuff to be eqal to other players. A lot of people are saying stuff about lag. I dont see it, no lag for me machmaking is also good. After update the new voice is anoying. Please add option to turn it off the voice is too loud and confusig. What was wrong with the old voice? Great!

thank you so much admins here are very active. i love this game now that its been upgraded, its so good ! addictive,i'm inlove with this game, can play this for the whole time . love the graphic ♡ . lav yah! and one thing ^____^ please add power effect on what skin type. tnx :* Enjoy it!

great game. I only have 2 issues with this game. 1. all of the mods and admits speak terrible english. 2. the global match up sounds neat, but let's say a party of people in North America match up against a party of people in Asia, whoever's server hosts the game usually wins because the other team is stuck with crippling lag. Fabulous!

just 1 issue (so far). for a MOBILE MOBA, this game is executed very well. it just seems a little clunky in combat. sometimes, I'll attack once then just stop, and just relative latency issue. but it's a mobile game, so for that, it's great. Muito bom!

Bug My friends list suddenly went offline, all of my friends went offline even if they hadn't logged out yet. Please fix it immediately. Its so annoying. Imma give you 5 stars when you fixed this bug thanks. Great game tho. Recommend

Glitches on Yun Zhao's ult and Purify spell The game is great best MOBA on mobile that i've played yet. But some glitches on Yun Zhao's ultimate skill and the Purify spell. When i use Yun Zhao's ult i believe that it will be immune to disables but when it is active Yun Zhao can still be slowed by Bruno's First skill. And regarding with the purify spell, after i used the purify i sometime still get flipped by yun zhao and get hooked by franco. Please fix those glitches. Anyways the game is amazing. Love it. :) Awesome

Disappointed on a major scale Recent update made this game lag on my tablet even though my wifi projects 63ms? ..Does this game have auto game record? If so,may I suggest,please have gamers have the option if they want it. Other than that youve made some improvements Brilliant

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