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I love this game but for the past few days i havent been able to play properly because as soon as the game starts. It starts lagging intensely and continuously. Cant even play one proper game any more. Rank is going down continuously because of this reason. Its not the internet connection's fault because HD videos load and play without any buffer. Please help!! :( Cool

I love playing mobile legends. But it pisses me off if someone on my team goes afk. And im disappointed that the only punishment the player will get is to lose credit points. I suggest that, every time a player goes afk, he or she should be banned from playing for the whole day. Works great

I think this is a great game but .... there is some issue that ur login there u need to bind account?! MOONTON said people lost there account because of this why do they have to want us to bind and Can u guys put racist report plz hope u guy work out this Works perfectly

Too many "Family Friendly," Hero/skin remake. that makes those hero/skin looks really bad than before . For ex : Freya elite dark rose skin,ruby base model with squishy thing under their dress right now. I prefer the old one WITHOUT FAMILY FRIENDLY touch. Flawless

I love the game and everything about it, but however there is a issue which I get reported for and lose credit because of it. The game client keeps restarting itself whenever I find a match, leaving other players to report me thinking i'm AFK or DC'D I've gotten alot of Penalty messages and lost credit because of it, I also can't play a single game because the client keeps restarting! Please do Fix Fabulous!

There should be a statistic of players whos got most reports and are banned to play rank. Also, every player has to be analysed by their skills during playing,j calculating how skilful they are. Idk man. I swear if I dropped my rank becoz of noob players Id rather go play Vainglory no offense. Dear developer, your game kinda sucks honestly. Also, lately ive been playing with noob players so that give an additional hatred for me for this game. Flawless

U guys know very well how to let other people trust your team Rit.!! An very much active in breaking it. FROM WHICH UNIVERCITY you team pass out in lie? I have complete this game up to level 15... an I have played twice this game from level 1 to 15. When I reinstall my phone and game. I have to start from level 1. it's just a prank to bind the game to GOOGLE PLAY GAME AND FACEBOOK or what? If it is so! Then what is the value of your team WORDS! Securing our progress? Good

The game is over-all amazing. Two months into this app and I'm already addicted. However, just this day, I can't log into the game even with full internet speed. Quite laggy, too. Also, please nerf some heroes (especially new ones—Hanabi). I prefer if you stick to the gameplay of older heroes. But I would definitely recommend this to other people—well, minus the issues above. Keep it up, Moonton! love it

I love this game, I've been playing this for over a year and I still play it daily! All the skins and heroes skills are amazing. But please don't let me team up with low level players it's affecting my game and stats when I'm trying my best to carry they would just afk which can be frustrating. But overall it's a good game Perfect

As far as pvp games for phone's goes this one is great. The controls are super easy and smooth and there isn't any finger fumbling. Trying to click abilities, the enemy, and move at the same time gets difficult on a phone. But this game smooths that whole process out and I rly like it for that. Awesome

Moblie legends, I'm sorry that I lost my temper. And you know I'm starting to love the game. It's not about getting cool hero's just to let people think that your cool. It's about playing with your friends! >> I am scared to do RANK ROUNDS people don't listen!<< but I hope you know my understanding. I'm even doing videos about this game. And I hope you read this note that I gave you. Brilliant

I hv been playing this game for two years alll good perfect game perfect there should be some changes for the afk players... strict steps should be taken towards for these afk players not bye lowering credit score by banning from game for a period of time so that they won't be spoiling game any further Fabulous!

Ok lets start. First of all moonton. Make a seperate server for Asia and America. The lag is too much because of the overpopulated players. I know its the cause of lag. Please make this review if you want higher rating this is horrible when the beautiful game wrecks by the lags. How can we enjoy our game. Fix this as soon as possible Dev!!! Good

Can I suggest a system where we need to ban players, because even if they have strong signals they will either joke around, or just be a live spectator. The point system where you only subtract points is a bit useless and outdated now. Fantastic

As of late I got really really bad network issues. Normally when i sit at home and play, i got a ping of 20ms CONSTANT. But now it is just straight up unplayable. For the first 5 seconds the ping is good, and then it just goes through the roof. I did not chnlange anything on my phone or smth. It just happened Amazing!

This game is pretty much balanced. Yet, this game is kinda laggy, my ping is always above 200ms despite my good connection and ping, and it lasts until the end of the match. I've tried to use all kind of methods to remove the lag, yet it results nothing. Hopefully this is going to be fixed soon. Thank you. Works perfectly

I have been playing this game for 1 year. I love using chou, but i want you to do something. Can you moonton please bring back chou immune, because i just recently found a video at youtube that says on next update chou immune is gone. Please moonton, please bring back CHOU'S IMMUNE. A lot of players and people want moonton to bring back chou immune. So please, BRING BACK CHOU IMMUNE. I'm begging you. Omg

I like the game. But what i don't liked is, I'm being reported everytime i went out the game. Like? Srsly? I have an emergency and do i still need to finish the game before i go to my emergency. Please remove reporting. It's not helping. It's irritating. wow lol

I played back this game because of high frame rate mode last time. But now, mlbb remove high frame rate mode. Please bring back high frame rate mode, HTC m10, Android 8. It's very important to keep me addicted. If the frame rate low, it's not fun anymore. Enjoy it!

Every time the game has an update it will LAG! I'm so tired of this coz it kills the feeling when u play. Fix this please. Also, there should be an option to sell the heroes we buy because collecting BP takes too long and the achievements get harder to accomplish. Selling the hero for half the price of purchase is good enough. Just a suggestion and I feel like most users would agree with me. Do this and I'll give 5 stars and I'll recommend this game to other people. Flawless

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