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The new update is great! A bug tho I loved the new update :) But it's kind of confusing because, I think you interchanged the announcer saying "Ally slain" whenever an enemy is killed and "Enemy slain" whenever my team mate is killed. It's kind of confusing and idk if it's just me, again my IGN is Lenalyn, but I hope you can fix it :) Muito bom!

Awesome game but with some issue I only downloaded this game this week and i can pretty much say that i can't stop playing it. The only issue i had with this game is everytime i play this game, not even 20-30 minutes in, my phone heated up pretty quickly and pretty hot too. It's weird and i'm a bit worried that it'll damaged the inside of my phone. If you can, please fix this issue. I really appreciate if you can guys. Good

BUG in the game. Excellent! Can you make human vs AI match more exp and also add fragments and random emblems. Ill appreciate it. I have just bought or paid it twice the starlight member account so its 940php total. Please tell me what privilige i get if accidentally bought it twice. So many BUGS in the new update PLS Respond. Pretty good

So many glitch need to balance the power for each heroes, we can see that Freya, bruno and Alucard are way too powerfull. That was imba character. Yeah i gonna buy alucard. But for fair gameplay we should balance for other heroes too. Also the old heroes become useless. Like clint. Even at his ulti skill can be stunned by any heroes. That was suck. Fabulous!

Update issues Is a really good game but I have weekly issues on the update when my android get updated before ios and different versions can't play together. 2 days delay without playing with my girlfriend. Synchronize ios and android updates please. :/ Just wow

Pretty good but... I'm getting a "System Notice" right before the app loads. It goes on saying "Network error please restart the game!" I'm not sure if they are patching up and not allowing anyone on the server or if the game broke somehow. Good thing I didn't purchase any extra content... Fix this Brilliant

Great game Truly the best mobile mean game. The game is pretty balanced and very addictive. I do have a couple of complaints though... 1. You should be rewarded more battle points for winning a game, remove the costume bonuses because that takes away from the balancing, and PLEASE remove the new announcer voice!!! The female one is TERRIBLE. I actually really liked the old one Worth it!

Great Game, One Problem This game truly sets the standard for all MOBA's on mobile. However as of late, Mobile Legend players have been experiencing a lot of connection issues, even for people with great internet. I have confidence in the devs that they will fix this right away. Amazing game though. Pretty good

Love it so much!! No lag problem for me. Nice gaming system. Im a freetoplay gamer and i dont have problem so far(no kiddin this game is about skill). The game is still fresh, so im sure in a few month we can get a bunch of new hero right? Looking forward to it. Omg

i really love it but i dont know why it keeps crushing while in the middle of ranked match i think because of the update and when i want to chat my keyboard doesn't pop up what should i do please help me i lose alot of stars because of this bugs Recommend

Good game but LAG U know wut needs to be done moonton. Update and pls fix the lag and connection issues. Btw needs mo heroes especially support like heroes dat give u shield, speed and strength buffs. Do dat and i 5 star u.:-) Go well

I don't give out my 5 star rating to just anyone... But this game earned it. I am a League of Legends player, DOTA, and more - I love MOBA games, ever since we Warcraft players invented the game type so long ago... So there is a high standard in my book, for mobile MOBA games, and not a single one this far has earned a five star rating - until today. If you are looking for a mobile MOBA of high quality, and an enjoyable atmosphere, look no further! Dump your cash here with these devs, and watch what they can do! I'll see you all in there! Fantastic

Awesome mobile gane I love this game. It reminds me a lot of dota and lol when i was playing those games. Wish they could fix the latency issues though. Still lags even if you have a good internet connection for some reason. Awesome

Laggy af I love this games but it is only best on mobile phones and not so good with other devices. I'm using samsung gallaxy tab, lag issues are getting worst everytime there is an update. Also I downloaded it on my ios device, it's fcking crashing. Amazing!

good but needs work i can see that this game already has TONS of potential but is currently very buggy and laggy. the bugs are stuff like crashing and walking through walls and the lag is most likely the slow servers. Works perfectly

This new update definitely deserves 5 star Great job on putting in reporting system, also for allowing players to chat.. Also the lags nadin delays were fixed. You guys definitely deserve this. Thanks for the great game.. Looking forward for other improvements like allowing players to match up with ranked not only with duo/5v5 also in three's and four's.. But over all great job for the new update Just wow

Outstanding Awesome! 5 stars but always room for improvements. Thinking maybe some alternative controls more in depth options and more champs! However I just reinstalled because after the newest update it sticks on the loading screen so we will see if it's update error or my phone. Keep up the great work and I believe this game will go far!! Ok it works just fine, I believe it was a low memory issue during update. Surprisingly

Fanny Bug Check out uL iFlekzz's video about the bug. He shows the bug where Fanny can do Penta Kills in seconds without mana reduction the hero can also kill lord and turtle without mana reduction. It sounds like an advantage at first but it is unfair for others. We all know especially you the developers that this game's aim is a fair competition please notice this Perfect!

Great MOBA! Its nice graphics, fast loading, and small files too. Really good work dev! But a Critized, thus well graphics you have, is it game have a big bandwitch? Bcause we always have trouble lagging when play this game, and i test my ping is 22mbps outside the game. Please FIX it on the next update ASAP. Pretty good

Good improvement After many reworks and improvements on connection, playability and balancing, the game has developed into a quite solid alternative on a mobile device. Just the fact that it is so obvious that they try to squeeze out money is a downer for me. Worth it!

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