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Help me in my problem I have a new devices i want to use my strong account in my new device pls help me Marvelous

Love it! I greatly enjoy this MOBA. I typically get bored of long games but this one is still fun after several 20+ minute games. 5 star

Love moba I love it so much but can you please make the skin can buy by battle points Moba can you please give me a Christmas gift skin of miya ilove you Moba my name in moba is natsu dragnel Not bad

Game tutorial i played mobile legends for nearly 2 months now, and i reinstall the games because there's a lil prob with my phone and i decided to create another ML account, and the problem is i don't need the tutorial to guide me how to play cause I'm used to it, so i hope i can skip the tutorial and get into the game quicker, it took ages to finish the tutorial, i think other players thought the same too. there's nothing wrong with the games i really enjoy it. Please respond me Moonton, thank you. Fantastic

LACK OF SUPPORT HERO Please add more support hero please. We players badly need it. Because Rafaela is just the one who can do supporting and its so redundant in every game :( Recommend

Bad Graphics I love this game but when the the new character named Kagura has released, the graphics turned blured .. Please I want the graphics before than now Superb!

Love it...but let me suggest something I love this game...with it simple mechanic and this game good at killing my time....but i hope DEV can add missing report function to inform allies that enemy missing on that kinda frustrated being gank by enemy....i hope dev can make this happen.....nice game tho Worth a go!

After the update the connection become more worse The lagging keeps pilling up ...damn the game so good but why the connection so bad and because of this my credit score has down to 50 why whyyyyy for god sake fix the god damn network connection gzz Works perfectly

Great game but too laggy You are adding a lot of heroes and upgrade but cant find solution to the lagging problem. Pls fix it first Great job

Great game but annoying connection issue This game sooo great.. I love to play it.. But it always have an "unstable connection".. Please fix it.. Muito bom!

It was fun but It would be nice to have more racially diverse character designs. I have noticed that all of the heroes are either caucasian or beast humanoids. Female characters have unnecessary cleavage that no one really enjoys. It would be nice to see a female hero who has full body armor that actually protects her chest. Surprisingly

Great game when you lean it Some champions are broken at first bc of the control setup. But after you understand each champion, it's great. Much faster pace games than LoL on the PC. I think this will replace LoL for most non serious players. I hit masters rank and almost in the top 100 from my server. Go well

Fun, needs a bit of work, but good. I wish I could read my abilities when I am dead, and see the CD of them b4 I use them. Otherwise, the game is fun, be it a little janky. Also, if you don't see what an item does, you have to just pick without knowing, you can't see their stats. I've been matched with a few people that are clearly WAY better than myself also, perhaps it's rare. I don't know the algorithms for match making. Just wow

Great game Truly the best mobile moba game. The game is pretty balanced and very addictive. I do have a couple of complaints though... You should be rewarded more battle points for winning a game, remove the costume bonuses because that takes away from the balancing, and PLEASE remove the new announcer voice!!! The new one is TERRIBLE. I actually really liked the old one ;-; Great!

5 stars. Nothing to say Really. These devs did a very good job. The game is fun, addicting. I'm still with the lower levels and need to get to learn the heroes well. I'd only remove the extra specs on skins. It unbalances the gameplay. Maybe a ping system that is faster to use. But even then... 5 stars kudos to the devs. Awesome job!! Just wow

Its fun and addictive Hello, you should make daily reward including diamond! Give diamond free to everybody. You give a lucky draw and we need to buy diamond to play it. You should give diamond for free maybe at the achievment like many other games. This is a new game, so giving diamond for free could make many people love and rate this game. Seriously Im saying. Hope you read this and make an improvment for your good too Perfect!

Everything is perfect except matching .I really wanna give 5 stars but u guys really need to find solution for matching I'm master and matching with warriors it's just makes us lose our rank , feeders,afk players new players. I believe punishments are not enough. Whenever u guys fix that matching ill love to make this 5 starts cuz that's what u guys deserve Works perfectly

Only Moba I really enjoyed Everything is great. But please fix the connection issue, I frequently get high ping specially when connected to wifi. The new commentator's voice is quite annoying too hehe. I like the man's voice better. It sounded cool! Well done!!

Hacks issue great game! Just needs an easier way to obtain battle points. Also, I've seen on gamerev that people often download a diamond generation hack from their site. So watch out, there's hackers on here daily! Great job

Fix the Lag The game is great, I'm getting addicted to it but the problem is the lagging and network connection. My WiFi is not that poor, but the game keeps telling me about the poor connection and I'm getting laggy that its distracting me from playing, it is the main reason why I am getting slain by enemies and I need you to fix this. it will be great if you update the game with it. I'll rate it 5 stars. Thanks. Pretty good

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