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I love this game so much... As I play it 3 to 4 years... As can I request it if there is a offline mode to play cux I don't want to waste my battery and using data and also can we sell the skin I mean if there is some skin there I have like alucard skin got 2 skin that I have but I always use the 2nd skin so if it possible to sell the first skin to battle point.. That is a useful ways to earn battle point cux you need to wait for 24hr to get some battle point from the chest... Ik some people are impatient to wait so do give me answer from my question or feedback as quick as possible... Do develop more cux it is a fun and awesome to play ^_^|| Great!

I just want to say. JUST MAKE A F'IN AGE RESTRICTION. I hate to play with under aged kids in this game. And remove the MVP system, it's just make all the player I met only focusing on killing, not destroying that f'in turrets. Also make all hero free to play, so you just can sell skins but in the higher price, that's to make an advantage more higher. And make all hero balanced again. Nerf Lancelot, Kagura, and Harley, or make the draft pick system used from master/grandmaster so we can pick which hero ti counter enemy heros. Hope you all reading this retarted comments and also sorry for bad english. Thx Recommend

I love this game. But what it really bothers me is the matchmaking strategy. How can an epic player meet with a mythic player in rank game. We cant invite players having two divisions less rank but still we ended up meeting with some. Change the strategy. Thanks MLBB. Highly Recommend.

I started playing last November 2017. Great game especially when you're playing with your friends. It sucks when others go afk or when my connection gets interrupted. Anyway, could the devs focus on fixing bugs? It is really annoying, makes me want to stop playing. Worth a go!

Can you make diamond free You know what I mean? I don't have any money If you make 35 diamond if you won match i will rate this game 5 star Please make it IAM sorry if my english bad Because iam from malaysian Thank you Omg

Overall, a game well-worked on. Support is minimal and somewhat efficient for a community size that's on a global scale. Apart from that though fueled by cash-driven biz tactics, it emphasises the need to connect with friends more as a truly manageable experience is when true acquaintances come together regularly whether physically or virtually. Otherwise, the chances of playing on a fair field is slimmer and choice of character/role decisions lessen to somewhat headstrong and quick characters, a balance of long range and speed, ample recovery rate and nullifying abilities almost magical. Almost overpowering in some instances. Enjoyable as merely a passing-of-time entertainment outlet, not so much for concentrated long periods that can potentially cause overheating of the device. Latency can be quite bad, depending on device specs or data signal strength, et al other factors. Fantastic

These last 2 days, my account has been lagging so bad everytime i played.. i lost 6 stars in a row because of the lag... i have been using wifi or 4G but still no use.. both connections are lagging.. can you fix the problem ? Thank u Works great

It's great but could you add an give it to me for free another hero. His name is Arthur Pendragon you know like the one who wields Excalibur the sword. I was just thinking what is Lancelot without Arthur, King Arthur wow lol

I like the graphics of this game they are good ..I like the characters that you put in there the new characters are more better than the old some of the old ones are a little better than the new ones.. You have some real good ones in there that are old and but I feel like this game is missing a little bit of a twist.. like when you shoot them I feel like there should be blood linking out the back of their bodies or something along that ... 5 star

I think this game is great! I play It Almost Everyday And My Mum Always Has To Scold Me For Playing Too Much! Its Addictive And Fun To Play! Just A Few Things You Guys Could Work On. 1)I Hope That You Guys Will Let Us BE ABLE To Sell Hereos And I Bet Others Agree. 2)I Also Hope You Guys MAKE IT EASIER For Us To Get BP'S I Really Really Hope You Guys Get To Fulfill My Request! Its a good game! Worth a go!

Okay, for 2 month i play this game was amazing and i never have a problem with connection. but now, moonton can you make my credit score back? everytime i wanna take a ranked or classic oh and brawl too i waited for 30/40second and i get no team and i lost my credit score. My connection its good, when i try to play with computer i get no problem. please fix it and i wil give 5 star back. Must have

I love everything of this game except I cannot change server. I used to live at SEA but right now I am living at North America and everytime I bind my account, it will change the server back to SEA. I dont want to play a new account since I spent a lot of time for this. You guys should add the function that allow gamer to change the server to another region. Thanks Go well

What the hell you keep minusing my credit score i dont have fault with the connection.. Before you decreased the score you should also try to know what is the reason it could be lower connection or somthing.. This game doesnt make me satisfy at all not unless you try to figure out that problem.. wow lol

Hi Mobile Legends, still my best and fave game thus far. But unfortunately I might have to delete, I don't know what is but the game has continued to lagged during gameplay and sometimes log out. Awesome

Please fix this lag issue.. i can say it is not my internet connection because im playing 720p on youtube it dont lag. Playing mobile legends im getting around 300ms ping! Muito bom!

It was good until recently the game laggy due to crowded servers (I think). I choose MLBB over AOV because even AOV has sophisticated graphics but they're so laggy, and MLBB super fast and clean.. But why now it's laggy? I hope you guys fix this issue soon... Brilliant

I have a problem, Your servers really have a problem. Creators, please fix them soon, when you're still playing then the ping goes up into 285 but my connection is excellent. Then when i exit the game and do reconnect i can't reconnect at all. Please fix it, I do love this game its a great time killer. I still vote 5 stars for this. 5 star

I think cheaters, lag ruin the game too often as do match ups with new players . The matches are often uneven. But the game is very fun and addictive and I play daily. Pretty good

I'm actually done with this game, is like I keep losing and there so many cheaters nowdays which is like indon and china. May I remind you that I hate cheaters and also punish them hard not just removing Just 2 credit that is just useless, punish them for real, pls take this seriously. Highly Recommend.

It's a great game, but wth i've to wait until level 8 to log in to my existing account?? I've just change my device, it's wasting time. love it

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