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Hello developer of Moonton. I really love your game. This is the best game ever. But there is one thing. Can you please make this game performs well in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos? I would be delighted if you could do this. Please developer, I'm begging you. Make this game smooth on my phone like other phones. It often lags and sometimes it quit to the homescreen by itself. Thank you. Marvelous

The game is fun, but sometime i always lag and afk itself. I was very angry then, my internet is ok, my ram is 460-589 mb but it always make me afk, so i cant get to the next rank! I am stuck at elite because of the afk. Please fix this issue Highly Recommend.

Keep updating and delete those bug's in the game. Must improve the damage of funny and chou, so that many players will use and buy. Karina must be buff and have an cool epic skin. Thank you.... We love you mobile legends... Omg

Would give it a 5 stars but when you download the app on a new device it makes you do the trial which wastes 5mins. You also have to reach up to lvl 8 to transfer your acc to your device which wastes like 1hr-30mins. Not worth my time!. Please let us have an option do to the trial and let us transfer accounts to our new device. Must have

I really like this game but it's very laggy especially on crucial parts of the game. We have a stable internet connection. You know the feeling that you will win the game but unfortunately because of lag you lose. It"s pissing me off. Can you do something about it? Then after that i'll rate you 5 stars. Cool

Dear admin, there are to many afk player. And im not sure how they randomly pick a partner in rank. When you get low skill tema, you will get for 10 game and lose 10 game in a row. Please help to filter all the afk player. Give more penalty to them beside just a minus 5 point. Its nothing. Please ban his next 2 game. Or more heavy..please please and please Works perfectly

after some updates i just keep on reconnecting in a rank game. it is unfair to loose a star or being reported in a case i can't do anything. i submit some video samples while im playing in your fb messenger but no on is there to assist. pls fix this problem im a loyal player here wow lol

To whom it may concern, I can't log in to my old account because i need to level 8. It is so unnecessary to deal with it again, its plain stupid. Why just cant you put an option to either create a new account or log in to old. My God is just so simple. A lot of players will be thankful if u can do this. Just wow

So, I've been trying to buy 500 gems for a week now, and every time I try to buy them it tells me error transaction cannot be completed. I've tried everything to fix it. It is not my credit card either it's your game please fix this issue Recommend

Please help me with the Lag issue. It starts lagging and ping wents around 300 whenever I am in front of enemy players. My friends play with me using the same WiFi but no lags. Pls help me with changing server. 5 star

The game is fun until you met some players who will afk out of nowhere and i've drop my percentage like no tmr cause of them. Moble legends pls do somethin about this. Deducting their credit score is not enough. After awhile they can still continue the game. Worth it!

Please fix. When I'm playing rank mode, during combat, the game crashes or disconnects and it cannot reconnect until the game is finished. My network is 4g with good signal. I already reinstall and cleared cache but still the same problem. It only happens at rank mode. Thanks Omg

It's very addictive! I would have given it 5 out of 5 but the game is full of bugs. I play on my samsung note 8 and I often encounter some critical areas in pink and green it's very distracting! Also, the app often restarts in the middle of the game it's annoying af especially when I'm in ranked mode. Please do something about these bugs. Cool

Well... This is the most amazing moba game ive ever played... If u could do me just one favor it would help alot... Can u plz add an option to go offline sp i can play anywhere, anytime. If u would i give Great!

Just started with ML last year & really love it. Perhaps my phone was the one with the auto forced out problem from the match to the game launching. Anyway, please update more heroes. Can't play any game without ML in my mind. Enjoy it!

i have a problem. when i play rank game. 5 minutes into the game the app will stop and will just keep on reconnecting. i checked my internget connection,its strong. it happened after the update. please help i like the game.. IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN. WHILE PLAYING MY 8TH STRAIGHT RANK GAME. IT WENT TO RECONNECTING ISSUE!!! LOOP ON RECONNECTING BUT I HAVE INTERNET SERVICE!! MY 9TH RANK GAME. RECONNECTING ONCE AGAIN!!! PLEASE HELP!!! Flawless

Being Honest this game hasnt really been up to date with others competitors. One thing I think would be lovely is a training camp/single player bot practices to do with new heros. Maybe a small revamp to the art style like 5% realism. And to decrease the amount of gold heros cost, really turns down the tone to play more for new heros Omg

Heres the list of things why this game is going bad to worst. 1) the poor matchmaking, this is the worst matchmaking system this game has. What ever the algorithm your using u need to go back to the drawing board. Theres an imbalance between teams 2) the lag is horrendous with each new update 3) the imbalance among the heros and how over powered they are. Who ever is reading this jus know its a poor imitation to LOL. Iam done ill move over to vainglory n warsong Worth it!

I can't start any match-up modes (Classic, ranked, brawl and vs AI), waiting for within 40 seconds and nothing happen. The most annoying part is I lost my credit score everytime I tried to start a new one. Update: reinstal the game, problem solved Must have

To : mobile legend developer team : bang bang. I deeply appreciate the effort and hard work of the team, this game is very nice to play. But i see there is a slight imbalance during match making. Which is my highlight is when a solo player meets a party. Should solo player meet with solo player as well as party meet with party will be more fairplay. Hopefully my opinion is acceptable and be a consideration for the bang bang development team. Thank you. wow lol

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