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i love this game. the smooth graphics, the heroes, everything is fine. but i always find the game back home wherever the game starts, not only once but twice neither. idk whether it's from the app or my device. it made me afk for too long and got my pelanties several times already. i hope you can fix the problem. Not bad

Dear Devs, I really love this game so much, i just recently change my phone from oppo r7s to xiaomi mi max 2 , my point is my older phone got high frame rate mode and the new one doesn't have one, my mi max 2 specs is qualcomm msm 8953 snapdragon 625 and the gpu is adreno 506. i really love that high frame rate mode because it makes smooth game experience,Anyway please consider this , cuz im a big fan of this game, really REALLY appreciate if u reply love it

the game is really good. but what bothers me most is the players. sometimes they are afk or they throw because things are not going their way and they start feeding. there should be a heavy punishment for those kind of players. Also I am a mythic player and sometimes i get mat ch ed up with epic players which should not be happening cos there's a vast difference in terms of skills. I hope you guys see to it. thank you. Well done!!

I love this game very much it has nice graphics and can't stop playing it but it's very hard to earn battle points. You will just earn 50 - 150 battle points in every match. It's very hard to save money but anyway still a nice and game. Hope there'll be more updates to come soon. And I hope that Moonton will make a new water mage hero cause I really love those mages with water power or just maybe a support will do. Thank you so much for making this game!!!! love it

Settings problem... I already turned off the shadow but still the characters and minions has its shadows... Please fix the bug... And I want to suggest to lower the minion damage at towers and reduce hero stat at lvl one that's why the game just end for almost 10-15 mins... And put the shop at the base so that we need to recall minute per minute to make the game longer Awesome

The app crashes during the advamced tutorial.When I play the Zilong tutorial , it loads until 50% , then the app exits. Maybe a faster way to login your existing account can help ....But game is great , graphics is fine , I think this is the only concern I and other players are experiencing........ Recommend

I LOVE THIS GAME. The heroes, the mode i love it all. The skins are fine too. Sometimes you just have to work hard to get the skins (fragments and lucky spins skins) :T Or just buy using diamonds LOL. The graphics is fine too. Its really an awesome game i ever played. REMINDER: if you r stuck at loading screen means ml is updating so just try again after 30 mins or more Great job

For all you people looking to play a moba on your phone or tablet. This one is alright, if you just wanna chill. It's pretty easy to rank up in here if your team doesn't feed. Unlike league or any other PC Moba, masters (gold) and below, players doesn't know what meta is. So just download and pick whomever you want. Cause that's what all the people are doing !! Omg

This like the best MOBA game out there! Easy controls, balanced stats, nice graphics and character designs! But the problem is that you can only get diamonds if you pay or wait til your streamer. Please add diamonds in lucky spins, magic wheel and medal chests. But aside from that this is a great game! Flawless

ALL 5 STARS BAM! 5 Reasons Why: 1) The Games Is Better than vainglory and any Android gaming MOBA 2) Heroes Are Very Good! 3) It Is Very Fair And The Items Are Very Effective! 4) The Devs Fixed Everything!(lag,junks and NO virus at all!) 5)I Would Play This Forever! Must have

Worst MOBA on mobile. Terrible controls, awfully laggy servers, freezy game menu. Your skyhigh speed internet or flagship phone or tablet doesn't mean anything to this developer. Regardles of the internet speed lag is still there and regardles of the quality of your device game screen on main menu always freezing. This game doesn't deserve to be on google play store. Good

Nah its now fixed but... The server is lagging when i play. Idk this is the connection or server, but my connection is fine. Erm... There is one more problem. i uninstalled this because my storage is full, and then i install it again. The problem is i have to create a new user. And i have to wait until i reach lvl 8 to change to the old account. Pls remove this because i often to reinstall this app. Great!

Too many underage play it and they doesn't think how this game played. Leave game, AFK, doesn't want to help if their desired hero taken and others childish act. You guys should create ID to justify your above 16/17 just to play RANK. Either than that should be okay.. wow lol

Good game but then it would not want any changes because whenever I tried to change character, it just chose one for me. The controls aren't very good because it just tells you to click on a button but it doesn't tell you what it's for. Other than that, it's a good game. Muito bom!

A really great game.. its like Warcraft DOTA that could be played in a mobile phone.. my only concern is.. i hope the creators would add a bit more punishment to players going afk that could affect other players game play.. (deducting 2 stars from afk players rank would be great) Awesome

Loved this app love to see more updates. Just need to fix gaming lag. Man I get lag in crucial stages rest loved this game. Great work guys for frequent updates. My only concern is squad I am lvl 30 I don't find and squad Worth a go!

Great game. Has bugs, but acceptable. WHY DID YOU CHANGED AKAI ? YOU BROKE HIM!! I ALSO LOVED THE BRAZILIAN FOOTBAL PLAYER SKIN!!! You know what pisses me off about this game ? The thing that you have to be lvl 8 to log into an existing account love it

This game is so cool. Only noob will say it hard to play or hard getting hero/skin. Maintain the gameplay and everything will be alright. Sometimes we win and sometime we won't. Only the graphics need to be improve. Come on! It's 2018 already! Make a tournament cause i wanna join!!. (Give me free skin. I give u 5 stars bitchhhhhhhh) Surprisingly

Everything works perfectly fine except today. I am experiencing a crash on the homepage of the game. It always says it is loading when in fact my internet is fast. But when I enter the game it's smooth and fine. The only problem is the main menu. I jope you can find a solution to this. As I also vhecked on the resources, it says on the result it is the same with current patch but there are words that appear that said it has inconsistent resources. What should I do? Enjoy it!

For the past 8 years I've always downloaded a game and deleted it a week later because I got bored with it. This game is completely opposite. I've been playing a little over a month and spent a good amount of money on it. It's fun, full of action, new heroes constantly, new events and chances to unlock heroes for free. Definitely not pay to win, completely skill based. By far the best game I've ever downloaded. I recommend this game to anyone on mobile. I've played the top RPG and MMORPG'S on the app store and this surpasses everything. 5* all the way. The devs are constantly bringing new material. The teasers make you so anxious for upcoming hero's or skins. Everything is so balanced and fair. If you want something worth your time, this is it. I'm so addicted to MLBB. Great job moonton. Well done!!

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