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Mr.locos plz add real whether and big steering free mode and other whey's and make engine sound and bus models.sincerely Piyush bhade Worth a go!

This game is very nice game, if you all must download it, but there are a problem is there are no map to show the directin Great job

Pls improve graphics little more, Interior view, lightings in interior (indicators, switch panel lights,...), Adjustment of interior view (left side rear view mirror is not visible normally),... Game is interesting ... Thanks for creating dis.... Works perfectly

Dear locos team, the game is pretty good, but somewhere some mistakes are there. We would love if these bugs get fixed. 1:the steering wheel should be medium ( bigger) 2: add more bus, and increase the bus speed. 3: avoid traffic jamming I mean I keep seeing cars and trucks are on the air. 4: the wheel of the bus is small also it is going under the road 5: bus needs to be run over the footpath, little space should be provided off-road. 6:bus modifications are expensive, please make it low. 7:add more map also keep map on the screen. 8: train is cheating cheating always. It only come late by stopping there. Also please don't always enable train to pass. 9:Interior should be fully visible and should be improved. Hope.... Thank u very very very very much..... ❤️❤️ Great!

The game is good but you should add a manual system to ride it as well aas a directive map, furthermore interiorly the dashboard isn't good it doesn't look awesome Must have

I game is super should improve the control and needed side mirrors to watch the vehicles Surprisingly

باسلام بازی عالیه فقط لطفا کنترل دندش دست خودمون باشه باسپاس Cool

Realistic Graphics Very nice bus game and realistic graphics and I suggest that if we can add a service station or something like that and one importantly we can't clearly understand the map please fix it also Works great

Plz add real weather and roads and long routs and heavy traffic both road's like kantanars trailars cars bus and Tc and mountains day and night reals add next update including plz and real weather winds Strom and rain and day and night bus repair ing workshop and rexsicu emarganc and including next update Fabulous!

Plz add real weather and roads and long routs and heavy traffic both road's like kantanars trailars cars bus and Tc and mountains day and night reals add next update including plz Omg

Hmm nice game but road Jakarta to merak and Jakarta to Semarang , and bandung to Semarang is closed , and sometimes in toll post pay 500 ask I give but again again asking , and put more Indonesian places to visit , thankyou Highly Recommend.

Your traffic vehicles are very very very slow expect buses make them also fast and when we near to your railway gate is closed love it

Everything is waaaay too expensive like the strobe lights are way over board!!!! Great job

Download Game because The luxurious bus shown in picture is real in the game.Please add Destination Arrow and Highway Long Route. Marvelous

The game was very interesting I think I can do all the levels faster and upgrade it. Thank you Brilliant

Sir, this game is very nice but add some bus , map on screen and modern road and terminals Worth it!

Physic is good, detail bump on street make it more realistic, but i suggest u should give more maps ,mod, and make engine sound from bus more realistic, and fix AI coz when i play AI car to many get accident and that blockade my way, oh, yeah last thing give crash physic too, thanks , this game has potential.. Muito bom!

Really amazing gameplay. I liked it. I like it's graphics and etc, etc Addictable game Cool

Very good game . Graphics are so good . I think in unity games it is the best game. Perfect!

Bagus games nya tapi kotanya seperti kota sukabumi di perluas jalan nya seperti asli Well done!!

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