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I ❤ this game. However the bugs and glitches drive me mental. 1) The Trading Canoe doesnt give you the money it says it will. So your giving your produce away for free. 2) Sometimes the Villager Trading Post doesnt give you the money either. So again your getting rid of your produce for free. This game would be great if the bugs were fixed. Recommend

This game may look good however the small storage is anoyying. Either make it larger or make it so we can build its update parts without having to use real life money 5 star

Storage has a glitch. My storage should be at like 150 but when I collect stuff it says my storage is full at like 124 sometimes 130 Works perfectly

Any game that u get interested in u would like the ability to connect to Facebook so that u can add friends and save ya level I'm a fb gamer 24/7 if I have to get a new phone I'ma have to start all over again smdh Go well

So far this game is very fun, good side game to play. Graphics are really nice. The reason it's 4 starred instead if 5 though is I can't seem to move anything once it's down on the ground. I'd like to be able to move my plots to a different spot. Great!

Storage was pretty difficult and the upgrades are very expensive. The items needed to upgrade the storage barely comes out. Love the trade but difficult to keep up. Go well

I love the game except it keeps clearing and resetting to new. It would be great if it had a way to save data. After 5th restart Im not sure I care to try again. Sad because I played at least daily. Great!

Was fun for a bit then started to crash and hang. For some reason I had to try multiple times to harvest from trees... very frustrating. Game gets boring very quickly as its the same over and over. Marvelous

Love this game. Dev: you need to update and fix a few bugs. Check both inventory counts .. know the product count is off ... check the add/sub code. I have maxed on level and would love to move on in this game. But if no update Soon will become bored and uninstall. When will it be updated? Great job

I LOVE this game, BUT unfortunately, it keeps crashing and resetting after I've gotten really far. So, unfortunately, due to that, I will no longer be able to play this game sadly. Please fix this problem. I'd love to have it back. Superb!

I love this game. I spend all day doing villager quests. I have only ONE complaint: please make an update where we can put items back into the inventory. My island is cluttered with things I can't put away. Pleeeeeaaasee make this change. My island would be gorgeous. Awesome

Like the game. It would be good if there was a confirm button for spending gems when rushing items, as I keep misclicking and using up my gems. It would also be good if we could develop our character the 'wayfinder' more e.g. pick a name, gender, avatar... Overall the game is addictive and there's a good amount of content without having to pay for in app purchases. Surprisingly

A bit pushy with asking for money, and too easy to accidentally spend rare gems. But overall it's a good game that has my 6yo planning out a sequence of things to build and making tradeoff decisions in order to meet various goals. Works perfectly

Please fix so we can save our progress either to Facebook or Google Play. Also, please fix the selling trader as items only go up to like 10 dollars.. please add more levels too!! I don't want to uninstall. This is actually a very good game and it is very creative. I absolutely love it. Worth it!

Good game. Really like playing it even if there are bugs. My island seems to be permanently stuck on night time and i don't know why. Pretty good

Love this game. Dev: you need to update and fix a few bugs. Check both inventory counts .. know the product count is off ... check the add/sub code. I have maxed on level and would love to move on in this game. But if no update Soon will become bored and uninstall. Flawless

I love playing this game but it freezes up knocks me out of the game.I put alot of time working on the game I never get visitors to help trade with and when I earn the animals I don't receive them and I can't get to my collections to trade them in. A lot of what I earned has disappeared. Until this is fixed I'm done playing the game although I love it. Muito bom!

Add a confirmation button when jade tokens are spend I've accidentally spent tokens very often and it's extremely frustrating. 5 star

I love the plot and graphics of this game. It's fun and easy to play (also easy to suddenly spend hours on). But two things really annoy and frustrate me, making me never want to put money into this game, ever: 1) The controls need to be upgraded so that it's less difficult to make unintended actions. You absolutely need to do a double confirm for "Rush" because I end up spending gems I didn't want to. Why would I put money into this game if this keeps happening? 2) The inventory counting and how to accumulate items. That need to be fixed so that it counts properly and that you can still craft things when your inventory is full. I hate that things accumulate so quickly and it's so hard to get items to upgrade storage. Quite a deterrent. Anyway, fun game but room for improvement for sure. 5 star

Need to have a way to transfer the game data to another device. Not going to let the kids spend actual money on something that will be lost the next time my phone or tablet is replaced. Perfect!

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