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I think this game is fun and cool but when I tried it with my sisters tablet it always lag because it said that I let go of my hand but I didn't let go of my hand and that sucks and u pls upgrade it more like by playing u can have coins and with that coins u can buy stuff like change the color of the path of ur finger pls do that and fix my problem I would be so happy wow lol

After playing some big games like GTA San andreas, Asphalt 8, Gangster New Orleans and I bored and I play this game this game is so addictive I rate it 5stars Works great

I would like a man fingers because they are you feeling too much beautiful so I would like the and fingers and I cannot tell anyone to among because because it is very very very beautiful ok Highly Recommend.

I would rate this game for 5 stars but my achivements that i have already completed are not giving me any scores in my google play games and after checking thes achivements in game complete info they are completed Plz help me for my scores Well done!!

Just one question. What did you monsters do with the little blue guys? They were the best ones. Well done!!

Ultimate concept of simple gaming... Interestingly addictive.... More such games needed!! Amazing!

I just like it I have been playing it for 3 years . Just there one problem that I can't see the achievements. Please do something with it. I hope you will surely help your most favorite player Anthonis Perfect!

Its a good pick up and play game that doesnt take much thought or skill really. Great for breaks between work at school. love it

This game is so challenging but I still love it make sure you like this comment if you got 614 or more cuz that's my high score yay Good

Keeps you on the edge and makes your heart pound every second. Awesome for people with short attention spans Works great

Its ok....actually good but..depends on controlization of the game and i rated it its ok...because its the most important of all...yaa so..graded it aA++according to me..ok and the rules..are fun to follow..ok Cool

A nice game. Can relax with help of this. Now I'm trying to get the secret achivement (collect 250 times all medals (left 20 golden and 57 diamond)). My rec is 2154. Flawless

I love the game so much... Pls add a practice mode in which we can practice all types of hazards :/ Worth a go!

Very good gane all should try but i suggest the makers to add new stuff all week or month by a simple update and add the blue mosnster of ios in android too Must have

I loved ìiiiiiiiiiiiitþttttttttttþttttttttt Perfect!

I really like the very much the graphics and sound quality. This game became my favourite Well done!!

It'a nice game but i have given 4 stars because of some problems. 1) There are so many spikes. Make them less plz. 2) Sometimes my finger is not putted up but then also i m out. 3)No more colour options. Plz make them correct as fast as you can. It's a wonderful game. We believe in you. U can do it Pretty good

I use it instd of tossing 2 take my i dont knw how 2 toss a coin ...!!! Worth a go!

Damn man!!!... shout out to the developers, y'all killed it with this game. Amazing Surprisingly

I think it's good. But, I have scored 500+ for more than 11 times, still can't complete the achievement called "silver start" 5 star

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