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#big-fish Love it!! This is one of the nicest gamest that I've played, smart, clean and intuitive. Help with the early levels to ease you into it. Nice graphics and story line. Well done guys :)

#playing-a-game this is so fun..i enjoy playing this it:-)! i wish that bever stop making a games like this beause this is a king of a game that make your mind open..:-)

Great hidden object game!! I own this game on the computer and it is a real nice game with pretty graphics and scenes. It is a great buy.. Recommend to install Mirror Mysteries APK.

Good game! As usual a nice game by Devs But the clock chapter sucks because too much of strain with the background compared to your other games... Yet, good one... Going to purchase

#hidden-items It was great! It was great but wish it had some diffrent puzzles and alittle harder seek and find.

Addicting! I LOVE Big Fish games! They give the brain a work.out...yet you learn ...! Addicting! I LOVE Big Fish games! They give the brain a work.out...yet you learn something as you play.

#playing-a-game Mirror Mysteries! I've played only the first part,I'm only getting use to the game, its good fun and different.

Simple! It was a nice game, a little toosimplistic for Big Fish compared to the other hidden object games that are more intricate. So hopefully if and when you make the second one you keep in the same lines but make it just a little bit more intricate and a little bit longer. My biggest issue was it was too short. Recommend to install Mirror Mysteries APK.

Great game! I really enjoyed this game. I hope theres another one very soon. Theres not enough good hidden object games out on the android market.. Recommend to download Mirror Mysteries APK.

Enjoyable and well-made - but easy! A little too easy for grown-ups. Storyline simple, and dialogue wonderfully minimal. Enjoyed it, particularly the concept of going into a fishbowl.

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