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Its asome but...... Could you make it to start with 100 tokens plz and make characters not having to cost money plz i would like that alot like alot so plz do that for me and why cant u just get a new world why do u have to get so many fruits plz make it so u can just get one easy peasy plz don't let me down at least pick one of them plz plz plz plz plz Amazing!

Good, but most things cost money and if you want to have the game 100% (Witch might not be possible) you have to pay if you want to. Overall, the game is facinating 5 star

You need to fix problems when they come up, i have had a problem with watching a video to continue but when video is ended game freezes and i have to restart game. Fabulous!

I love your game so much when I played it I didn't know wat to do but I still loved it as much as my baby brother love it

I love the game. However I'm in the early 200 levels at Pier 12 and I can't move my minion to stop him from crashing on the slide/wet floor. So I can't move forward on the levels. Awesome

Addicted! Absolutely addicted to the Special Missions, which are now released routinely! The new Jelly Jobs--love them!!! The new prize pods are unique. Green Perk Prize pods are great! Go well

I don't Like it I Love it Muito bom!

I reach kiwi last year but ... can you make a bit easier but now someone DELETE this game im up to orange it HARD make it easy ok who agrees Amazing!

I like it a lot it kinda hard which makes it funny because you have to try harder to win Worth it!

Well it's OK but plz take the prices down as I can never afford anything and I can't use all my tokens and market tickets for an awesome outfit. Also plz make sure the ads give you the life that you needed and make sure that it loads faster!!! Thanks so much, but seriously people! Other than that, I live Fabulous!

I love the game 3 days ago with my friends in school eaten a lucky carrot and me. I have 50 tokens at the start of game 5 coins watching ads to 160 tokens love the game thanks plz make a game called hack minion rush so I can get more❤❤❤❤❤ Go well

I love this game. I'm really not much of a gamer but this one I can just sit down and enjoy. Plus I LIVE for the special missions. I love the prizes and how you cab always win if you keep trying. 5 star

Very addictive! Especially the special missions. I. Love how it's switched up all the time. THANK YOU! wow lol

I think this game is fun to play with when you are tired. It is also fun to play with when you want a challenge. Worth a go!

A must have game if you are a lover of endless running games and minions. A perfect simulated environment of minions world. Very well detailed!!! Awesome work guys !! Keep it developing !! Marvelous

It is a great time waster when you are bored. It is very addicting and fun to play. I absolutely love it. Great job

It's good stuff. Try not to spend money on this game Tho. They keep giving alot of freeitems Works great

Minion Rush is awesome, and addictive. My pet peeve is that you can't race offline. SAME with the Specail Mission. Overall, amazing game. ☺ Just wow

I went far in this game.. downloaded the update, started me over.. I paid real money to help get through a few of the tougher levels... now it's at the beginning...all progress lost.. fix it or refund my money.. please Pretty good

I really liked this game til the last update. Now whenever I'm on a slide or I'm the big minion, it won't let me move around by tipping my phone! No it is not a phone issue. Flawless

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