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I originally got this game to put on my kids's tablet, buuut long story short...i play constantly and they're NOT allowed to touch my phone when I get into "Minion Rush Mode" hahaha, I'm so serious! Worth a go!

அடி தூள் கேம் கன்டிப்பா எல்லாரும் விளையாடுங்க செமயா இருக்கும் Just wow

Love it I LOVE MINIONS!!!!!!!! Go well

I love this game I play it all the time it's really fun and it's kind of like subway surfers...because in this you have to get all the bananas and in subway surfers you need to get all the coins. Awesome

I really like it; it's an amazing game. But there is one thing: why do you only have the jelly lab? I preferred it much more when you could just run with no objective. Please please please can you bring it back? I would be so happy Amazing!

Graphics and gameplay are great, progression is very solid, and overall I'd definitely recommend trying it out. I only have two outstanding issues as of this review: 1) Right/left swipes are occasionally mistaken for jumping, though I'm not sure if this is the game's fault or simply the way I swipe. 2) This is the issue that brings my rating down to a 3-star. Please, for goodness' sakes, take out the single-lane sections of some courses where the camera pans to the side. Every single time I encounter them in-game, I die because I can't see what obstacles lie ahead quickly enough, and it's very frustrating. I will edit this review to 5-star and make an in-app purchase if you remove those sections. Go well

The only issue I have which may be myself is the controls. Sometimes it seems as though I'm trying to jump but it will swipe to a side. Otherwise I totally love the game. It's a favorite and I play it a lot. Good

I like playing Minion Rush, BUT - and I may be in the minority - sometimes the game is too fast. I play games; I am not a gamer. Also, on the special game runs, the refresh is way to slow. Refresh needs to needs to be faster and, in my opinion, there need to be more than 4 plays at a time, maybe 8 or 12. I will still play Minion Rush . It is addictive. I think there should be levels to work through, even in the special games. Or, start everyone out as beginners, and as a player gets better (for some that will be with the 1st game, others will take longer) the games get harder, not randomly the way it is now. Pretty good

Wow! this is a great game .I am always ready for the new updates . I have gave it a 5 star rating . you people should definitely download this game. Also do encourage people to download this game. Write a review and give a 5 star. Show everyone that you like the game as much as I do . MINION RUSH IS THE BEST Not bad

Love it....only complaint is sometimes when you're doing well, so gameplay is fast paced, there's a lag between you're action and the characters reaction, which annoyingly often kills you...... But it's minions!!! BANANA!! Must have

My daughter has had this game for almost 6 years and she absoloutely loves it. She likes how with every new despicable me movie they make they the game is based of it. Like right with despicable me 3 its theme is bratt and his gum. Her favourite place to play in the game is the volcano. Flawless

HORRIBLE sensitivity, don't watch ads to revive it says (after watching the whole ad) no internet connection and then doesn't work. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Please ad sensitivity in settings. Great job

I love this game but since the latest update the app won`t open. It has been over a week sinse the game has stopped working. I will be deleting it soon to make room for a game that works. Fantastic

I can't download the files both Wi-Fi and data, it say "no Internet connection but my Internet is fine/stable, please fix it. I want to play this game. wow lol

I love this game it is verry hard for me but I hate when it goes to the side insted of looking in front of you when it goes to the side its one of the hard parts Perfect!

Love this so addicted!!! Keep up the great game please! But do figure out a way to get more tokens Pretty good

I love this game! It is so good but when I have internet conecson it doesn't work. Worth a go!

Of course, minions. Who doesn't like minions? I like this game because it's very challenging. Run this way, run that way, jump over nukes, slide under barriers, run onto trampolines to go far up in the air!! It's so challenging! Worth a go!

I think that this game is really fun because I am a huge dispicable me fan and my fav. characters are the minions. This game is really awesome! Works perfectly

I love this game 1. It doesn't need Wi-Fi 2. Just like SUBWAY SURFER 3. I just want to play it all the time Flawless

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