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I love this he can't stop playing some days!!!! Just has a problem every now and then of freezings Must have

I love the game, but I can't use my props. I've bought the props using tokens. My question is where and when can I use the props? Marvelous

I think you should put more levels like when Gru meet his twin brother Dru and at Dru's house. Omg

Great game, very fast and some targets are a bit unrealistic for your average person playing for free but a great well thought out game. Worth it!

I really enjoined the game but in the futcher try and make it easy because little kids might want to play and the controls are a bit hard for little people Brilliant

I love this game. It will make u not want to look up from it or even make u not want to listen to someone instead even if it is important!!! Its the best game ever!!!! Pretty good

A great game for any person of any age. My three year old loves all things minions. Very fun game for both of us to bond with Perfect!

I love this game so much i had it for 6 years and i never deleted this game thats how satisfying it is and when your bored this game takes time out so your not bord. It is sooooooooo addictive Good

too many updates which makes it annoying having to login in to google to update it as i dont active these services on my phone, kids tablets if theres no signal or wifi so it becomes unplayable. Flawless

I realy like the game. I like the graphics too and what i mostly like is that is a running game but with minions. But my only complain is the lag. That is what i think of the game 5 star

I love this game but one thing:make the suits cheaper, I only have 3 outfits. The baby, the coach and Dave. You will love this game, not doubt about it. Highly Recommend.


I love minions and I am a huuuuuuuuge fan of the game!! Must have

This is the best game I have on my phone! You should totally try it!!! It is so exiting when you unlock a new section. Please try it you will love it! Worth a go!

I think its cute to have a minion game and its like subway surfers but cuter then it LOVE MINION'S Brilliant

This is a good game it's a bit like subway surfers except with minions .It is amaze balls☺ Highly Recommend.

Tiz game are really awesome... and really its got lot of fun and also intresting with the levels of tiz game Worth a go!

It is a really and good time killer also I love this game because it is etertaining .For example it has good grafics. Great job

Love the game but i have one major complaint, i can not save to my sd card and app is so large it takes up almost all of my internal phone storage Great!

I haven't downloaded it yet but I once downloaded it on my tablet and then deleted it and now I realize that I made a huge mistake so now I'm downloading it again. This game is one of the best games I have ever played Well done!!

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