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When I downloaded this game,i liked it much but in the game more levels are not there I like to play this game so l need more levels Must have

I love this kind of games, but this is the most incredible game i've ever played. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E !!! I don't know & and l don't care what are u think about this game. I'm sure it's perfect for everyone. Any where, any time. I don't know why, but when l play this game l feel like l am the boss who commands to that minion who runs. I see that wonderful worlds and l feel like l'm doing all that job. When I was a little bit small, l was playing this game with my sister and the minion was ower slave. This game is very funny and, like Janise Palmer said, now l realize that l made a huge mistake. I have instaled it back and it's ok. I'm level 10 now. love it

This game is pretty fun and I think it's cute how they change the app looking to the holiday that is coming up Surprisingly

I am huge fan of minions. it's just new updated version is not working. please do somethin. .. Must have

This game is awesome! My daughter is addicted to this game. It is challenging yet at the same time it is easy. The minions are cute because they are short and chubby. This is the best game ever. Highly recommended. Surprisingly

Dis game is really fun. It is a basic running run thru lots of places and defeat bosses. Works perfectly

Really cool. Its just too WEIRD. And sometimes when I try to Dodge an obstacle it won't do it. And when the lanes bend its really Hard for me. And why do you Have to watch an ad to get free revives, get some tokens, refill the Battery for the special Mission and to open the green and blue prize pod AND to Double bananas you collect? GREAT GAME I JUST HATE THE ADS. Must have

AMazing i love it and i have no things to complain about because i love everything about this app !! Kept up the good work ,i want all the apps to be as fun as this one. Worth a go!

Really addictive can't stop playing It!! Cool

I live this game it s the bomb guys and girls really don't s fun to play when your bored Works perfectly

I think this game is extremly fun to play as well as addicting, I love the events and creativity pit onto this game! Surprisingly

Fun, ads.... I have a strong urge to join navy, even after 6 years of active duty. Perfect

Addictive This is like subway surfers but better. You can never put your phone done. Amazing!

I honestly think that this game super amazing and it helps my kids learn more and it is very educatiable Well done!!

This game is awesome, just me makes me more excited. I really, really, really recomend this game to everybody. Love it Pretty good

Pleasurable and when will they add other mashups like dc or marvel crossover designs. 5 star

No problem with it at all I love this game. When I'm done with everything I put this game on instantly Go well

Minions are quite and lovely..that's why this game is cute asa well as relaxing . Omg

I like this game but there's so much cheating going on. It doesn't resister some of the moves you make or it's lagging and when you smash the minions they should fly away and not stick to the screen for ten seconds so you can't see what's coming next. Just stop cheating! Don't take 20hours to give the necessary tools when doing a double task in the jelly lab. Surprisingly

This game is awesome and funny I guess. I'm trying to think of something to complain about (I love complaining) but I can't!! Oh wait........... You could make things like characters and stuff less expensive. It's Ike....I go on SHOP and it says stuff like (random minion) 1234 tokens!! Dats 2many bro! Pretty good

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