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I think I am going to play this game for ages and ages because this game is so good Flawless

This game is sooooooo awesome. I like how there are lots of levels. Muito bom!

I like this game. It is lots of fun but i never got a chance to play it because it took too long to load. Pls fix this so i can enjoy this funny game. I love how it has updates and new things to try. Recommend

I love this but it would be so cool if we could get the vehicles such as the jet car which they use in despicable me Muito bom!

Its great gameplay and you have many minions to choose from. It has great levels and great concept. If you are a minions fan you will love this. Superb!

I'm a bit disappointed because I liked the game before the jelly lab came into the picture and the game also has alot of glitches for me and I watched the advert but it never let me continue and try again other then that I really enjoyed the game Perfect

المشكله عندي انها اشتغلت علي تلفوني القديم ام علي التلفون التاني مش رديه مكتوب no anter nat Good

Super duper fun! Addictive, Crazy, Fun, Strategic, and AWESOME lovveeeee minions Great job

Great game. I have to set time limit, if not I would be playing for a long time. Perfect!

It gets challenging the more levels you play. The graphics are great (I have no idea what those are though). It is an addicting game so I try to play it at least everyday. I love the power-ups. If I were you I would totaly install this game. NOT kidding! love it

I wanted the recent update so i was here but i didin't know what to do so i uninstaled the game and installed it again but it took away all my progress away (I was on level 64 in the begginig in the blueberry jelly lab) and took me to the bratts comeback update/special mission. Please help me creaters. Help me. :( Just wow

Top banaaaaanaa!!!! You could lose yourself for days on end playing this game its despicable lol Pretty good

It's not bad for the controlling the minion but outher thing that it is all about how fast your hand working with the controls are skilled to go faster but it will be great for the kids Fantastic

Oh god I love this game! What's not to love!? I absolutely adore minions but this just made me like them even more!!! Muito bom!

Great runner with excellent response time. Lost a star for too many ads in addition to optional ads for perks and loading times have increased a good bit with the latest updates. Overall, Flawless

I know this will get lost in the review section... But this game is amazing! I work with special needs children and they accomplish advanced skills just for the reward of playing this game! The animations, the graphics, the game play is beautiful. Following the bananas is easy enough for some of the kiddos, while some just like to watch me play. Either way, this game is helping children accomplish goals, is a great time passed for me, and while in app purchases are cool, they are certainly not necessary! A+ :) Worth it!

Love this game ..I am been hooked with this game since years .however wanted to highlight I am currently in Level 346 Residential area where the task is to use slides 5 times to go to next level. However I have played that level so many times and found that Residential area doesn't have slides this a bug ? How do we overcome it Superb!

It says get 60 bananas with the vacuum but only when I die, it says you could have got this Good

I love this game because it is fun and this is based on a movie. But I want everyone when it is Sunday you get 10,00000000 banana s and coins Just wow

Good game,why can players buy bananas using tokens but not tokens using bananas? Banana count very high but can't use bananas on anything. wow lol

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