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Overall fun Very cute, can get repetitive like any other running game. Wish there was more skins you could purchase with bananas, and sometimes the lag can kill me when I turn the corner, which is annoying

Best game It was the best game but the latest update ruin it..loading more than 5 minutes every time i run it...also it lags a lot and i always hit somewhere because of that...i am using Samsung S5

Love it My nephew and I play this lol. The new style isn't as good but this one is not horrible. We both enjoy it

Used to be better! I prefer the old version of the game! Easier to get a higher permanent despicable multiplier. Now just collecting fruit for no reason!

Loved the old game :( I played this game last year and had to stop cause i lost my phone. Just installed this again 2 days ago and yes, it has changed. It was an endless run game without levels. Now it has levels with a lot of objectives :) good thing is, you will earn a token by completing 3 objectives in 1 level ❤ its easier to earn token than before! But i wish i could go to one place to another place through portal like i could do :( i cant do it anymore now i guess :(

Great just 1 bug I love this game. I play in my spare time but everytime my minion turns a corner in the neighborhood, it lags and i lose. I dont know if it is my phone or the app.

The bomb Despicable Me is just a good a great game like you want to play this game all the time all the time when whoever does not have the game I also poo yalla so pool of your to have this game this game is the bomb man you don't I can't even explain how good this game is then if you don't have all your jelly things then you must not know freaking Despicable Me brother like son you must not know Despicable Me you must not know because if you don't have ano jelly things how you will get anywhere .

nooo Minion rush has unfortunately stopped!!! ...dis is da error im gettin on my note 3..

A very FUN and ADDICTIVE game I am so impressed with the developers of this game. I'm amazed with the improvements they've been bringing with every update. This game keeps getting better and better, not only in terms of stability, but also, in terms of creativity. I love the Jelly lab, the daily and weekly competitions, the rewards and many more. I love all the new locations, reminded me of the Despicable Me movies. I'm glad they've brought back the feature of collecting tokens during play. My Verdict- A very fun and addictive game.

Love it Great game and my wee boy loves it to. Only thing is the daily rewards drop back to day one after the latest update :(

Minions It's Minions, of course it is awesome. And bananaful. It gets better with each update! Latest update keeps familiar elements of the game and adds a challenge-based component. I may end up with enough tokens for a new costume. I miss the puzzle piece costume achievements.

Really enjoying this new version I really like playing the uodated version of Minion rush. I like having mini challenges and defined goals. My only problem is that sometimes there's a glitch which causes a delay in game play and then you bang into something which the time lag allowsbno room to compensate for. This is very annoying especially when you are trying to finish a goal. When this is fixed I would happily give it 5 stars. Also really enjoy the opportunity to get tokens during games.

Can't even download it easily Really well executed game and most importantly very fun to play. 5 stars even if I did have issues with it on my last handset.

Great Game! Awesome work! Thanks for fixing the Residencial Area error thing! This game is great!

I love this game! But... The only thing that irrates me is the load time. Sometimes it takes forever to load. But I love the new upgrade definitely more challenging!

Despicable me Was good would give it 5 but the power ups repeat themselves. In the same pattern which I don't like other than that it's an amazing app

Really fun Its a really fun game but the purple minion takes a day to charge, and my little sis always clicks on it so me and my mom have to wait. If you change it to 2 hours, I'll give it 5 stars

Minion rush It's okay but I don't like some of the things that I have to do in the jelly testing area. I,mean some of them are really hard.

Minion rush Recouping it is the best involving with ninjas is really cool are you don't get on the case very elusive indeed the best game in unit you need me to do some front flip actually see awesomeness

New is not better I do not like all the changes... I miss collecting the bapples and it gave me a reason to play everyday. I also miss getting free tokens by doing trials and stuff.

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