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How do I delete Minecraft: Story Mode episodes to free up space on my Android/Kindle device?

If you are out of space to install other episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode, or if you would like to free up space on your device, you can delete episodes you are not currently playing. Please note that Episode 1 is stored within the base game app and cannot be deleted separately like the other episodes.

To delete episodes:

Launch Minecraft: Story Mode.
Tap Episodes from the main menu.
Tap on an episode you would like to uninstall.
Tap OK, and the episode will uninstall.
You can delete Episode 2 or other later episodes, and reinstall them from the same menu. You can uninstall and reinstall these episodes at any time. You do not need to repurchase an episode that you have deleted if you would like to redownload it at a later time.

Please note that Minecraft: Story Mode saves are stored separately in your Android/Kindle device's internal Storage. If you decide to delete the entire game app with Episode 1, you should still have access to your saves if you reinstall Minecraft: Story Mode at a later time, as long as you do not remove your saves from your Storage.

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