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An idea which was thought about for a long time, is made closer to reality through this app where you are talking to the phone and it translates instantly. At times get no response in speaking, otherwise a great app Worth it!

Found to be pretty accurate as far as I have used it. Sometimes gets confused with context where a word can have more than one meaning. Highly Recommend.

It works well, it's faster than other apps and photo translation is pretty accurate. It's good even if you don't have a good internet connection, I love it! Perfect

Translation quality varies depending on the language. Decent for European languages, but useless for Vietnamese. As for the picture translation, it doesn't allow to translate from Vietnamese (allows to translate to Vietnamese though!) . So unless you have a Vietnamese keyboard, you can't type words either... And therefore the app is useless to help you read signs, menus etc. Equally bad to translate from Japanese (to English or to Chinese), not usable neither for menus in restaurants or for explanations in museums. I was using the camera function as I can't type in Japanese! Google translate was a bit less bad (but still far from good). Well done!!

I work for a car rental agency and I find this app very useful when it comes to communicating with my customers over the counter having to do with different issues on renting a vehicle from us. Best translator app I've ever used. Our customer satisfaction ratings have gone up two more points just because of the fact that we can communicate with the customers in their own language. Works great

I wrote to my friend in English and translated in Spanish. She said it was perfect Spanish..... And she is a picky person... 5 star

It's a really helpful app to use when trying to communicate with someone online in another language, as well as for trying to learn many different languages and translations (it goes great with bible greek/Hebrew study). Recommended for anyone. It seems to be accurate and nearly identical to Google translate. This app seems to be lighter on your phone memory and a bit more stable. Great!

I work for Tyson. In the parts department, we have several languages in workers. Comes in handy when some can not communicate in English very well Perfect!

So far this is beating google translate in the languages i use (european languages), better translation and the camera/photo translation (i.e restaurant menus) is working far better than the google equivalent. The app is also pretty slick looking and love little features like the preloaded phrases and the dual microphone buttons/2 sided mode when you are having a conversation on 1 device. Omg

The interface is simple and easy to use. The picture/image translation feature is really good, makes it easy to switch between translated text and the original to get more context. 5 star

Nice app. 1.Plz Consider "text copy" in two sided mode (the one with a horizontal line inbetween) and in camera mode (text copy is already available in the default record mode). 2. Design two buttons for "speak" and "Speed adjustment"; just one button for both operation is not user friendly; so I should tap several times on the speaker icon to hear the text with the normal speed again (change of the speed is something i do not look for in this case) 3. Add some classic themes with solid backgrounds. I'd like simpler or white backgrounds 5 star

Bring back the phonetic pinyin when translating Chinese characters to Chinese. Yes, you read that correct. In previous versions when you entered in Chinese characters regardless if it was simplified or traditional, if Chinese was also selected as the direct translation, phonetic pinyin would be displayed. The current version just displays the exact same Chinese characters you're translating from. Also, give the option to turn off the other translation voice speeds. It's annoying when you want to hear the voice translation a second or third time, but the button press just makes the voice say the translation slower. I have to press 3 times in a row for it to just voice again in the default speed. I doubt MS even reads these reviews. Works perfectly

Thought I'd stepped onto the Enterprise [D] when I first saw this! The r/t trans of PIX/IMAGES of text is particularly amazing! • As a lifelong linguist & polyglot I know how to maximise accuracy by using full clauses as appr'te, optimal syntax & minimising ambiguity; but English is so polysemic that this is sometimes impossible: we need a drop down-type option (prob attached to ext'l dictionary source) to allow manual selection/clarification; • It must be adaptive (ideally OS!) & allow indiv additions/improvements to be saved! • I can't find any of the language learning stuff/some other functions at all - assume these all only on paid version? Highly Recommend.

The speaker for Chinese language is pretty good, but it will be better if it has written phonetic spelling (Hānyǔ Pīnyīn) for the Hànzì. That would be very good for those who are learning the language (including me). I also hope that there's written phonetic spelling (Romaji) for Japanese language as well (which I'm also learning to). Good

Whaooo we can't see the best in life, since there's always room for improvement but this app got my 4.99999999/5; it's super, easy to use, user-friendly graphics, what else do you expect from Microsoft? Works great

This is exactly what I need to register incoming patients at my work. I'm going to recommend that all our registrars have this app so we may communicate more effectively with our foreign speaking clients. Love it! Well done!!

Beats Google Translate (which is amazing itself) hands down. What an amazing app. Great easy to use interface and good accurate translation. I'm in love with Microsoft again Enjoy it!

this helps me to speak with people in my business without another person present to mediate. 5 star

This app has a good selection of languages and the quality of the translation has been improved greatly. My main two languages are Chinese and English. Works perfectly

Yaaasss! Finally, instant conversation translations...right on your phone! Going on a trip round the world tomorrow with no fear of language barriers! Thanks, Microsoft! Cool

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