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Most people who are foolish think this is a game but it is not for u people.Play store is not just to play games or something.This app is good for y'all kind information. Amazing!

Good apps for creating a presentation without laptop/pc, i feel so helpful for using this app, good work! Omg

Works great, no issues. It's an annoyance that you have to sign in but its only once. Just wow

Useful for people who don't have a laptop but sometimes troubles with its autozooming Amazing!

Ita just it needs wifi to start an then if the presentation is made in a signed in account and then if you will try to open that presentation it will not open becausw there is no wifi ... But its just my opinion and what I had experienced Worth it!

I started using PowerPoint not quite long, and since then it had been good to me. Awesome

Great app, but why do people say this is boring? It's for work/school. It is NOT a game. Use your brain, people. Only thing is, why if it free on mobile but cost money on a PC? Surprisingly

Easy to prepare a PP from my cell while waiting at the doctors. Use it for Work and School projects. Brilliant

Solid app. Viewing ppt in this app maintains specialized formatting, unlike Google Slides Just wow

An early user. Work's fine so far. Allows all desktop functions and animations on phone. Haven't tried synching it with my desktop and using any remote control functions yet. I hope it has that too Works great

Good presentation app. Take your work with you through onedrive and open/view or work on your docs on any device. Muito bom!

Able to condense by not overkilled with colours & fanciful design. Keep simple & brief. Perfect!

i have problm to sign in my g.mail account in it and i can't open slides in it there is a problem please resolve it urgent Omg

Sir I have a problem. Pen line size is very thin and there is no option to resize in slide show mode. If there is any solution, please tell me. Great job

I looove this app, thanks to it I got to finish my Anatomy power point I just wish we could add like short videos or even gifs. But other than that this app saves life's honestly. Highly Recommend.

There must be an option for text speech and I am getting stuck when I need to get this option of older file format issue every time it should find that it's older then convert it auto and replace file so next I don't need to turn on Internet. In short automatic conversion should be dealt with file format.... Pretty good

It's amazing experience with power koine 2016. It's easy and reliable to work on any device. Fantastic

It's ight, I would only use it in case of emergencias, or if I need to look at lectures Must have

Like,,, it's okay, not amazing but it does the job. It's kinda hard to use at first and sometimes it zooms in for no reason but it works fine most of the time. I'd recommend it purely because it does the job and stuff. Omg

it's more easy to make a presentation then the pc. in start you are facing some problems to understand the options but after that make slide more faster then any other app and its easy to use at anytime and anywhere. Flawless

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