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Can't view attachments on prior emails in a thread. Font doesn't look professional when sending emails from my phone. Getting notifications out of nowhere even though they are turned off. Quality could be a lot better Awesome

I wish I could turn the focused inbox off. It is terrible missing work emails because I don't get notifications from some senders. Great job

The functionality of the email (archiving, scheduling emails, swiping to delete) especially for work. But, the lack of exchange syncing with the native calendar, and inability to change the email sync from anything but push leaves much to be desired. Muito bom!

Great app, but stop asking me to rate it. I gave 5 stars like a year ago. Leave me alone. Highly Recommend.

It works good with latest update. Earlier used to be very slow and unresponsive. Works perfectly

Its not a bad app per se, but it doesn't always sync properly (or at all sometimes) and if it would STOP CONSTANTLY ASKING for me to log into my facebook account I no longer use that'd be greaaaat. 5 star

Best feature by far which neither stock email nor Gmail all especially for people like me who might not check my email for a week or even longer, love it

A great all in one app. However, I often have to remove my two Yahoo accounts because they stop sending emails, receiving emails, or both. Other times, I have to continually update my password multiple times. But it operates correctly 98% of the time. 5 star

No longer lets me delete emails... I'm sure it does other things too, but inbox is too full to see. Omg

Please revert the last change.. The collapse emails in the conversation view was much better than the current view.. Also when you search for email thread you can't open any except the last email only :( Works perfectly

It's the cleanest UI. It's been very easy to use. By aggregating gmail, I don't have to see the annoying ads inserted between emails. Fantastic

It's an email app, I can send and receive emails, the main criticism is I can't set up read receipts, but other than that it's fine. Surprisingly

Over the years they always tend to remove the best features and finally the latest version is at least usable again. The ONLY improvement I see is that it IS finally HALF as good as 10 or more years ago. LOL Not bad

Not sure about sync with galaxy phone calendar, but the connect to drive and msn is nice Just wow

This app lets me stay on top of my emails. Sometimes, though, if I am on my laptop, it doesn't sync with emails I've deleted in the app, for example. Also, the organization on both is not the same, such as what I have marked as important on my laptop and I've put as priority is not shown as such on the app. Overall, it's a good app. Omg

I like the app, but it has a bit of a flaw when I send an email, but close the app too quickly, that the email doesn't send and disappears. Really frustrating. Would love to see this get fixed. Awesome

Have found it has enough features for me, it does all I need it too at the moment. Will see as time goes on how good it really is. Great!

Really good, but wish you could edit and mess with the signature feature more. I have it set a particular way on my computer but it doesn't follow through to the app. Not bad

No push, no notifications for mail. What a load of pants. I wish a Google and MS would play nicely together. Must have

The latest update has caused a couple of issues for me. The calendar crashes when I try to edit an entry, and I'm now getting spam in my inbox. On the good side I like the look of the emails now. On my wishlist are a birthdays calendar, to be able to add repeating events, and be able to see my family calendar like I can in Windows 10 . Flawless

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