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#sharing-pictures OneDrive transition not perfect.! After the update turned SkyDrive into OneDrive I was promoted to re-login. It took three tries before it would accept my credentials. I wish you could upload multiple photos simultaneously instead of having to wait for one to finish before going to the next. I'm also a bit confused about the free extra storage you're supposed to get for enabling camera upload. I don't seem to have gotten the extra space. The app still functions well, just a few things here and there that could be better or clarified.

#accessing-files Where is my 3gb extra as you promise if I turn on camera auto back up! I lik the service .but I did not get aditiona 3gb as they promise if I turn on auto back up future.

Great with xbox.! Mad app!!! Capture media on your phone and watch it on the Xbox later. Also adds skydrive options when attaching media to messages. Its almost like I'm running windows phone 8, so I feel cool too.

#transferring-files flawless, best app of its class !! the apps is excellent, awesome user interface, runs smoothly . highly recommend.

Awe some! Thanks Microsoft. I totally think it's awesome to have SkyDrive on my phone even though it's an Android. I appreciate it.

Very helpful! I love my sky drive and this app allows me to backup and download my sky drive. The only problem is that I cannot download batch files without one or two failing and then I have to go back through and find them again instead of system auto trying after the others are done.

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