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Samsung tab s I've started using this as I get 15gb free now so it's great to store stuff and allow my laptop phone and tablet to access data. Worth a go!

Good app. works great There was a security problem with it hackers were able to get in let's all hope you have addressed that. Surprisingly

Storage limitations I have both Amazon Drive and One Drive loaded on my One Plus primarily for photo backup since my phone has no expandable storage option. One Drive is easy to use and very reliable. I love the integration ration with Hotmail which I also use regularly. The only reason I'm giving One Drive 4 stars instead of 5 is the storage limitations. Amazon offers unlimited storage while One Drive offers 100 gigabytes. Other than that this is a very useful app. Not bad

No network connection? Really? Love how ms keeps giving away 100gb of free storage but ever since update on HTC one, I can't upload files because it says no WiFi is detected. Even Though I'm on a wifi network. Also thumbnails no longer load. Guess because it thinks I'm not on wifi Great job

Not suited for business accounts I have no problems with the personal account on this app. I don't like how it constantly asks me to download office mobile because office mobile is nowhere near as good as WPS. However, onedrive ALWAYS has troubles with keeping my credentials for my school account. Every time I open the app I have to input my school info again.... every single time. It has become slightly annoying to be honest. Omg

Well done! Can be a bit laggy from time to time but aside from that, no complaints. Would have been a 4 but it made my wife happy having "one click access" to all of our photos, videos, etc that used to be on our PC. Works great

Great service, mediocre front-end As a service, OneDrive is great. It's simple, it works, and the design is neat. There is a severe lack of features/customization, however, especially within within the app. It'd be great to be able to set a cover photo for folders, so that you're not left with grey squares, for instance, since Onedrive doesn't "preview" pictures if they're stored in a folder within a folder. You also can't seem to change the viewing size, so you're limited to two columns on the app, as opposed to being able to "zoom out". Brilliant

very useful when there is internet connection i really felt stupid using this app been endorsing this with my friends, this app doesnt know how pain i gone through im moving now to a new app. Amazing!

Its ok but Seriously needs sorting options for pics or at least upload pics in its own folders as the folders pics are in such as screen shots go in screen shot folder. Needs to be more like dropbox Perfect!

Excellent Does what it is supposed to do with no frills or wasted coding. Well done and professional. Works perfectly

Near perfect Cloud storage Wonderful interface and look, well organized. Lots of free storage space and competitively priced additional storage. I would love to be able to Stream my music tracks though. I will give that other star when this becomes available and OneDrive Cloud storage is then perfect. Worth it!

Best cloud solution As far as I'm concerned, onedrive is the best cloud storage & syncing solution out there, bar none. The ability to store a massive amount of data, combined with the flexibility of only ever downloading whichever file you need access to on any devices is as much as I can ask for. Its fast, seamless, and it allows you to share any files with whoever, whether they use onedrive or not. Simply fantastic. The only limitation I'd like to see gone is the max filesize of 10GB. Superb!

Brilliant work again from Microsoft Great app easy experience lovely set out very impressed. Better layout than even Dropbox! Good

Love it The ability to take my files everywhere in school whitout carrying around a laptop or an USB is a blessing Perfect

Duuh I love the app although it needs the option to download a whole folder. It's really annoying to have to select every single item in the folder and only up to 25 items. 3 stars until then Flawless

Needs to support multiple accounts. It's an OK app, apart from an occasional tendency to say the login was wrong, even though the Outlook app has logged in fine. It needs to support multiple accounts though, as the Outlook app does. Great!

Good but where's the 3GB?! Update to Onedrive works as well as Skydrive but despite numerous attempts to sync camera roll (and obtain 3GB extra storage) this has failed. Please sort this out. Otherwise does exactly what it says on the tin.. Recommend to get OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) APK.

#transferring-files moderate..! The auto upload is a feature I have been waiting for, however when I turn it on, EVERY picture in my camera roll starts to upload. I have been managing my uploads using a pretty stable 3rd party app, and it works great. A way to turn on auto upload while not uploading EVERYTHING would be great. Even if that means just cancelling those uploads once they initiate for the first time.

Always There When I Need Them! Whether at home or work or on travel, on my laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone, my files are always there, ready and synchronized. The only thing more might be the option for a shadow copy for when I don't have Internet access.. Recommend to download OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) APK.

Need option to turn off persistent notification! I can't say much about this app as I just downloaded it, but it needs an option to turn off the notification that the backup is paused.. Recommend to take OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) APK.

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