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Camera upload saved me from importing photos to my PC every time. Thank you Microsoft love it

All devices all files shared!! Now more space for less is imperative. 5 GB free is yesteryear. Cool

Great for my Xbox One DVR content. Share your clips on social media and wow your friends. Worth it!

I just updsted to 5.4 but i still see no new filtering options or the ability to crop photos Well done!!

Easy to use great app also support internal lock helps to keep file private Perfect

After the latest update, application freezes all the time, pictures refuse to upload or show. Please fix. It worked well on my Galaxy S6 before this latest update. Great job

Fantastic app used to share across multiple devices running multiple OS's. Reliably and securely syncing them all with no issues as of late. Cool

How is "Save to SD card" not an option? It only lets me save to my device's memory and i have to go move the file to the SD Card if I need it there. I use it for both Business and Personal docs. Please patch this. Worth it!

There are some bugs here and there. The sync is not instantaneous like dropbox and the app often struggles with large file upload. But the desktop app comes with windows 10 and works okay. I have office 365 and overall the experience is quite seamless. Must have

I love being able to access all my data on my laptop from my cell phone quickly! And also saving items from my cell phone to the files backed up by OneDrive accessible from my laptop. (Note: with Office 365's free 1 terabyte of cloud space, I am able to use OneDrive to back up my entire laptop.) Cool

Its a good way to free space up on your mibile device with out deleting anything Worth a go!

This is a useful app for auto photo backup. It was essential for use with my old lumia phone and is still good now. However it would be better if there was more than 5GB as standard. Google drive is still better overall. Marvelous

When my phone glitched, this app saved my day, had auto upload on my photos, I was lucky not to lose anything esp when I was not proactively backing anything up Go well

I love the onedrive, I even pay for it monthly for the extra storage and what not but just in the past few days, my mobile won't upload anything to onedrive. It goes through the actions like it's going to then everything just stops. Edit: got it working again after a fresh install. Shouldn't have to do that but whatever Perfect!

Integration with Windows 10 is a blessing, intuitive and fast. Feels like an online C Drive. Few improvements are needed like some folders getting created automatically. That is a pain. Integration woth android is not good but that is probably understood. Omg

It's great as for what convince goes. But i don't trust that they're able to preventing hack or government eyes. For normal use its great! . Makes all just so much eacyer.. on a trip, home friends... all there always whenever however... i say go for it Flawless

This is actually a pretty intuitive interface to access files I may have created on my laptop. From here I can easily access, share, upload, download, or print files. It's like having my files with me everywhere I go. Perfect!

Very few settings and drain battery issue ! This drain battery issue is a very common thing for every Microsoft app. wow lol

i made complaint and developing department resolved the problem problem was that seek bar cannot be seen now it shows progress download very amazing love it

Got a chunk of storage space with my office365 subscription and now use this to store all my important docs and photos. It autobacksup all my photos from all my devices and now they are easily accessible from anywhere. Recommend

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