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I have 2 hotmail accounts. As I used Onedrive only on one account this app worked smoothly. Then I activated Onedrive for my other hotmail account. And now this app won't let me switch to my older/other Onedrive account. At login I signed in with my older account and its password, but it won't let me log in. But when I sign in with my other/newer account, it works fine. But I need to log in to my older account! HELP!!! Not bad

Hands down the best working cloud app on the market regardless of if you're an Android person, a Windows person or a Apple person. Seamless integration with Microsoft office makes it feel like your cloud is actually right on your device! Surprisingly

The "sites" portion that links to SharePoint directories doesn't update properly when new files are added or edited. Omg

Syncs well. Makes content available offline better than Google sync. Was using other apps over this... Now I use only one drive and Dropbox.. Both are the best. Enjoy it!

The cement that makes MS Office apps so useful. My access comes with a 365 subscription that rocks... This is what the cloud is about. Best to have a fast connection up and down. Fantastic

This app allows me to view my documents, pictures and whatever else I need to. on my cell phone. my desktop and my laptop. A great help when I need something away from my desk. Brilliant

Best App In the Caribbean and feature a new generation Jisko Pjoto KoUpload Nahi Karna Hai Usko Cancel Ka Option To Do Muito bom!

Lets me keep and access files from anywhere without eating up what little space I have on some of my devices. Worth a go!

I think it's great but they need a bit more room on the free side, not much but a bit more. 5 star

Photos section needs a lot of work, if like to see it in a separate app. It's slow and not smooth to scroll, you can't change the thumbnail size. - update you can now jump to dates in the photo app! 3 Surprisingly

I am suddenly being blocked from accessing onedrive on mySamsung Tablet. Accessing with my S5 is good. What gives? Good

Visually the app design leaves a lot to be desired but it has thr necessary functionality for cloud storage and its very easy to use. Works perfectly

Best app and easy to use Only 1 problem I am facing right now is that Tick mark is faded Just wow

This app is great for making sure I always have the right files for my school courses wether at home or in class Cool

Microsoft has really nailed online services. Great app especially if you use office 365. 5 star

Been using this for years. For me it's the best cloud storage app. Access on all devices is easy and similar. Great job

This app has worked great for me viewing files and listening to audio from OneDrive storage. Amazing!

Best Cloud Storage Ever.. Please Add more Features Options. Like: 3-4 Change Folder Design, Colour Changes, & Add 2 Personal Account etc. Marvelous

This is, by far, the best cloud storage system out there, and it gets better if your are an Office 365 subscriber! This app backs up my pictures and allows me to have all of my files from my computer on my phone, and automatically backup my phone pictures and downloads as well. It works great, too, and is easy to use, plus they are continually updating and upgrading the code. Thank you for an amazing app! :) Recommend

Really good app, like the ability to switch between work and personal accounts, could have included offline files feature with free accounts like some of the competitors Omg

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