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It works pretty well normally. But it started to cause problems from today. I cannot open some files and refreshing is also not available. It says i need to check if it s connected to wifi but def it is. I hope this problem can be solved.... Superb!

It works, which is about the best thing you can say about MS apps... one really annoying thing: all my files are listed on my phone with create dates and not update dates... really frustrating! I've searched but can't find a way to chang this, any help i would consider more stars. TY Fabulous!

Great app, does exactly what is says it's going to do, easily syncs across multiple devices platforms. Takes the hassle out of storing data you will need to find on short notice. Brilliant

Can't share something to someone who didn't have Microsoft Account... make in-app PDF editor options more professional... Well done!!

Very difficult to set up to be unobtrusive. I have to manually shut it down all the time. Muito bom!

I always have my phone with me (who doesn't!!); when I am out feeding the horses sometimes there are some beautiful shots and I am delighted to be able to take them on my phone, then have them seamlessly appear on my computer for permanent storage. wow lol

Great app for keeping files straight and addressing one drive, one thing is like to see is the ability to steam video to Windows Media servers. It works with Chromecast, but not Microsoft's own stuff. Still, 9 out of 10. Recommend

It is rubbish now when I go for upload a file it is not uploading. A msg give below "turn on documents in setting>installed app first" what it is pls tell me what to do... Well done!!

Phenomenal I am able to multi-task, by editing assignments, using PowerPoint and writing in Word!! I wish I had this the beginning of my Masters program, it would have saved me a lot of stress and headache! Perfect

I myself have been using OneDrive for quite long now, and I can say I'm almost enjoying as much as Google Drive app. Microsoft is serious about using Android as a platform to promote all of it's services and I'm happy they're delivering on that. Flawless

Word is fantastic if you write its a must , there is so much now you can do anything, I don't like been forced to do things but if you want to protect those pics its a must besides its not too much and you get so much, its worth it for word a alone. Worth a go!

can sometimes be difficult to maneuver, and syncing music is a nightmare because you have to individually select every song and make sure it uploads Surprisingly

Keep asking me to reconfigure and to log in on my computer which is very annoying apart from that I like it Must have

The app without the Samsung promotion isn't the best with only 5gb of storage but if you own a Samsung device you get another 100gb free which is amazing wow lol

This app is very good if you have it on lots of devices, but if you are uploading lots of items and you do something wrong, it is very hard to fix because all the uploads are mixed in together especially if they are all one type of file Well done!!

It will not sync with my computer like it says. I'm so fed up with it now I'm ready to uninstall. [email protected] Not bad

It's a perfect program to keep up with my files. I love the fact that it allows me to have access in multiple devices anywhere. Perfect!

I used to hate One drive as a storage service. Now I love it. It has improved so much from before. 5 star

Would be good if the pictures from the camera were visible in the app without having to have an internet connection, but very good app otherwise Omg

It's nice to ba able to access my docs on any device. The mobile app makes getting my info so easy. Works great

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