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I think you must help us organise our information and help keep it accessible all the time but it is great of course One Drive. [email protected] Cool

I've been trying to find an app that will sync my photos, keep the info on them (for example: the date it was taken) and have a storage outlet so I can have space on my phone. And I finally found it! The app so far is very useful! My only issue is when it comes to syncing albums. When I sync my photos, I have to manually select scattered photos and place them into new albums. I have over 5k photos so this will be a task for me I think the app would be complete (in the photo aspect) to have that feature. I hope this could possibly be done in the near future! Thank you! love it

Problems below all solved now! I have problems with Onedrive that I don't get with Dropbox and Google Drive, mostly with getting locked out of my own files because it won't authenticate or keeps asking for sign in... Just to open a file in my own system! Also seems to lag or have trouble uploading and syncing quite often. I do appreciate the 1TB space with Office 365. love it

Trying to think of any negatives or improvements. Struggling! As a freelancer it's perfect for me working anywhere, esp as I have the office 365 online subscription so I really can access and work on anything wherever I am. And I'm only using a fraction of its full potential. love it

Have to say, this keeps getting better and better, I'm slowly finding myself moving more and more out of Google's world and into Microsoft's. Keep it up guys Surprisingly

Everything integrates with Office, so if you have a 365 account it works best. 4 stars because it works as intended and will help free up phone storage with auto backups and suggested deletions. Limited space if you don't pay for the extra storage. 5 star

"Camera upload is paused - please connect to a WiFi network". This is the only feature that annoyingly does not work. Everything else is fine Omg

So the new "update" needs Device and Call Information? Why? I just use it to store files. It's great when it works. When it doesn't, it's maddening. I can upload pictures or documents from my tablet to One Drive only to have them not appear on my laptop, which has One Drive installed. Very annoying. And explain the new permission please. Omg

I loved the apps it worked fantastic until it start asking me to pay $10 a month for more storage i have only 2 gig free and the rest of my file is deleted if i dont upgrade. Why did they decide to change the rules 3 years after i sign up i dont know but i will look for an other storage app it is desapointing as that aplication was fantastic to keep all files beetween all device. If you are ready to invest in the app it is really good. wow lol

If only someone could make it work without 'no network connection' error and thus the need to re-installed every week or so. Typical Microsoft tat Awesome

I love this app it's easy to transfer game clips from the Xbox to my phone. It would be great if one drive could have a share mode where your edited clips in OneDrive can be transferred from your phone to your console for everyone to see in the community that's what I would love to see Pretty good

Best multiplatform syncing app, using it and its predecessor skydrive for years! Perfect

This app is fantastic for sharing files across computers. I've used it for the last 3 years while I've been in school and it's been great for studying. I especially like using it on my phone on long bus rides. I only use the free version and it's worth it! Well done!!

Update: Now I have more stuff on it (It's obviously time consuming to upload a backlog depending on upload speed) but once done, the search feature is AMAZING!! I love it! Previous review: This is the SEVENTH cloud I've tried. The Android app is marvelous! Its simplicity, configurability and dependability is IMO unmatched. I "dropped" the "default box" pre-installed app for another that was unpredictable to say the least. OneDrive just WORKS. Thank you, Microsoft! Enjoy it!

Unlike many cloud services, OneDrive doesn't bully me to keep all my work and communication in its ecosystem. Lovely! Works perfectly

Great app I always send from xbox to here. Needs a way to change save destination and after save auto delete. But yeah it's love the app. Had it for a very long time. Superb!

Loving the app, it's just unfortunate Microsoft security too stringent for my liking. I'm not able to reset my password because my primary email no longer exists. Perfect

Very good app I wish you could play the music files you upload stremlessly (non stop) and the upload is very slow Works perfectly

It is great to back up your photos. The only problem I have is that my Microsoft 535 photos are not available for viewing. Great job

Re doing comment been using sunce 2011 couldnt live without it .more trustworthy and reliable than competitors,neva misses a pic. From my winoss phone to android its all there...just reading comments and the folder options for uploading does seem to b a issue,it creates a new one everytime u take a pic,(1folder) screenshot (2ndfolder) and the next day may ask again if u want to create a folder. I must look and see how many it has. Seems to be a android only problem. My windows phone doesnt do this Enjoy it!

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