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This App has come a long way. I work primarily on the phone and through the OneDrive website. All the basics are handled well (sync, offline files, caching for faster response etc) What is surprising is how well Microsoft is slowly integrating other services (e.g. Office Apps) and features (e.g. scanning) without bogging down the core features. They try to push you towards the paid service but it isn't done in a particularly aggressive way. All in all, it is a solid offering. wow lol

It's great being able to access files or paperwork from anywhere! The only problem I've had Is that sometimes I think things are uploaded and when I go to access it I find it's not there. Most of the time this is a fantastic app! It makes life so much easier! Not bad

Why can't you embed from the app? Now it won't even log in saying I'm not online when I am and everything else manages to connect just fine, and when you use Onedrive online it keeps popping up saying we have an App for this. >:( Sort it out, this is rubbish :( Well done!!

Only downside is you can only sign into one account at a time for a free user and it's not worth paying for a service that keeps dropping features every other week Flawless

I'm a one drive user for a long time, since it was named SkyDrive. I had arrived to have 40Gb of free space in its cloud. Highly Recommend.

The app is very useful, but I've been having a problem recently. Whenever I open certain documents the app closes on me. Worth a go!

Hey just reinstalled after factory resetting my tablet. Can't seem to get passed the "welcome to OneDrive page". I scroll right/left that tell me about its features can go further then that- help please :D Just wow

Has trouble uploading game clips and screenshots from my Xbox one to One Drive pls fix. Pretty good

It's is almost perfect. Safe, secure, the don't read and data mine your documents and information Thank you Microsoft. Works great

...I am using this since it is existed. It is much easier to use it now. ..No more paper base Filing system !. Amazing!

Great App except Storage.Free storage space is very low as compared with others. Try to provide more storage than competitors Perfect

Love this app.... love that it stores all my pics and lets me free space on my fone for more xx Enjoy it!

I Love it, its a wonderful app, you can access it from any device and restore your data Worth it!

If you want to be a king make sure you provide better and more space than those of Google Drive. Your Windows Phone is been killed by Android because your service sucked. Now don't do it to OneDrive. Brilliant

It continues to get better. One thing that appeared to happen was that the picture upload setting was turned off when it was recently updated. It would be nice if it didn't change settings when it updates. Works great

I believe the app could possibly use an update to the design. More simple, more intuitive. New color scheme? Other than that I feel it functions well. Highly Recommend.

One of the best storage and file sharing solutions form Microsoft, Truly Amazing experience with regards to uploads and downloads of office and workplace files! Recommend

Great integration, OneDrive works well on all of my devices: PC, laptop, phone and tablet and all files are accessible through a browser too. It syncs everything, it can play videos, preview RAW files, Chromecast is built-in… Just wow

Nice and clean Ux, fast browser response, excellent integration w/ mobile MS office Highly Recommend.

Great app for storing documents and pictures. I would like to have the ability to use my phone's fingerprint sensor to log in instead of just a PIN. Otherwise awesome. Fantastic

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