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It's OK. It does its job, but especially browsing recently uploaded photos is slow because it downloads all new photos before it knows that there are new photos to show. I've also encountered bugs where photos won't show and instead I get a black screen. There has also been times when background camera upload simply won't work. Reinstalling helped. But this speaks for the fact that the codebase for OneDrive is not very, let's say, stable. Awesome

I've been working with one drive for years now. Don't know how I didn't rate it till now. Anyhow, works fine cross platform. Had no real issues and when I did support helped in a reasonable time frame. In terms of security I had no issues. Cool

Slower than Google Drive, but very useful if you have Office 365; changes to all Office files are saved automatically and you get 1Tb of storage (with the subscription). Enjoy it!

This app is perfect but when casting the pictures to my tv using Chromecast. One drive keep crashing. Plz fix Highly Recommend.

It is a good tool.. but keep on stalling when uploading more than 50Mb files.. sayibg it does not have connection... eventhough connection still ok both wifi and 4G Recommend

I've been using it for a little while now and it seems to work very well for what I need. Cool

It works very well. It is fast and reliable. Thanks to it I am liking Microsoft again. Muito bom!

It makes sharing large sized files so easy. I have been using it for over a year and have only good things to say about it. Amazing!

I could not wait to start trying it out on my already bought new LG mobile phone. Cool app for what I used to use on pc. Superb!

Good but storage is reduced and you will lose out against Google as a result. Still using it cause I like it. My other hassle is it is difficult to get it to password protect across all platforms Fabulous!

Great app all around. Microsoft makes life a lot easier when you utilize all the One Drive has to offer. Being an online gamer, it doesn't take more than one good hour or two of game play to horde up clips, snips, and video footage of game play. One Drive allows easy access for me and other members of my Gaming Community to share and store our highlights with easy access to the files even without access to the files creator. I highly recommend the Microsoft One Drive app. Worth it!

WASTE OF BATTERY It wastes too much battery. I opened it and used it about 30 minutes. After that, I saw 23% of battery has gone. What the hell? I like this app very much but for this problem, how can I like this anymore? Please fix this. Recommend

Why is OneDrive always running and draining my battery? I keep having to Force Stop it in WiFi. Great job

Back in the old days, each app in Office cost $300 each... and compared to today's super refined versions, they were junk! So, $100/year for all the best Office app!?! It's a great no-brainer! The big cloud storage is Icing On The Cake - I Love It!! Fantastic

This app is perfect with all its features in Microsoft cellphones and in other Android devices too. But the thing is it has a high price for more spaces it should be changed for betterment. Perfect

This app phase helped me a lot now I can reset my phone with out getting worried cause onedrive keep all my start phone nbrs and more Not bad

Love it so much! Extremely useful in transfering my files from one device to another and I can do my works anywhere. One downside to this is just that if uploading from mobile phone we can't upload a whole folder. You either upload files one by one, or you zip/rar the whole folder, which is understandable, really. love it

Gran alternativa, buen diseño, interfaz fácil de manejar y muy completa, podrían dar más espacio de almacenamiento para planes gratuitos definitivamente sí Highly Recommend.

im very disappointed with the android have to upload each file individually to your one drive. How about adding the functionailty of being able to choose an entire folder and its contents too one drive hence my poor rating for this app. Must have

It's amazing cloud service, unlike Google, it doesn't upload everything on my phone. I can manage my data easliy and I feel is definitely safer. Perfect

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