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Hello Microsoft company. I hope you can read this. I really love Microsoft office. I trust your programs and since I'm a student, I rely on it for most of the times. However, my device is not compatible with it. I don't if I should contact your company or my phone's company. I hope you can fix this. Thank you 5 star

My good old days with microsoft office . It is great app for the PC but I will have to give it a miss in android. I find it too bulky. Would rather go with some lightweight open source available. Enjoy it!

Perfect app, no waste of time. Works very well. I tried several apps before my eyes cod find this simply super app. There r no doubt ample apps but the merely work total waste of time . Love Microsoft Must have

Still works on my old crappy phone that runs Android 4.2.2. Less intrusive than Google's offering. Enjoy it!

The best office app. For creating everything use this app, if you're using another app you're doing wrong this is the perfect app for office projects etc. Great!

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Hey it stops in middle of some work and it says Office Mobile has stopped, please retry. I tried uninstalling n downloading again bt still the same problem. Can you please look into it and rectify the error. Worth it!

It's perfect for all you need. Plus it's absolutely FREE!!! I am able to do my online schooling with this app on my smart phone! I recommend it to anyone. And it's all free. You get access to Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excellent, and more! Did I mention that it's all free!!!! Amazing!

Alternate office for old version. Dont worry of you came with old version android. with this office version you can use fully functional office for your work. and format file fully compatible with office desktop. love it

Where is Powerpoint May be a bit less than the features of Excel app and Word app but to easy to access and very fast download. But I will give you 5 stars if you add an option of creating a blank powerpoint for this app. wow lol

Hey ! Office 365 , it's everything that I'm used to, I was shopping around trying to buy my new Mumia , I couldn't get it, since my old one is no longer functioning. I'm struggling coz I had to download office yo my Android Highly Recommend.

The app is not running in my android 7 phone. In my earlier phones this works fine. But I think it is not updated as per andriod 6 and 7. It just stopped and don't open any files Perfect

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Great One of the best apps I've found that goes from mobile to PC without a problem. I just save my projects via DropBox and can access them anywhere. Also works great with WattPad for expanding your imagination and writing a short story, novel or series...don't have to be perfect to be great, just be yourself. Go well

Dammit stop telling me to install the individual apps Mobile office is the best i dont care if my phone is too new for it. stop bothering me with that main screen telling me to download the individual word and excel because im not going to Pretty good

OFC 365 4 SMALL BUSINESS Excellent app. I've been an avid user of MS OFFICE PRO since it's been available. This new application for 5 systems, 5 tablets, 5 phones & 5 - 1 terabytes of storage for each account is well worth $99.99 a year, with updates occurring when ever through out the year is well worth license fee. wow lol

1 question Hey I love this app. It is very. useful and handy as well. In short it is marvellous. And as usual Microsoft and Office never lets down.. But could u pls tell me do we have to install power point presentation on it. Because I need it the most than word and excel. Pls help me. Thank u Must have

I really like the fact I can get to all of my files in OneDrive and SharePoint. But what this app sorely needs is a way to search. Ideally it would search not only filenames but the contents of the files. I would use it more and give it five stars if it had this capability. love it

Just an Interface to install Ok so again its an interface to install more items. Even alone its 20 some megs on top of the extra you will have to add. hello mcfly where's the full app? why not tidy up a bit. "Shakes Head" now lets not forget the office program don't even work on windows 8.1 now. So this is unless to add on as part to package i would have paid for. Removed based on space wasting over 300 megs just to us all. Perfect!

Exel, needs the features from desktop version Useful, but you can't rearrange cells. I couldn't find a way to drag cells to a new location, insert new column/row, copy or paste cells...etc quite happy with word though, but exel can't replace desktop yet. It's better to create and format the exel on a laptop and use a portable tablet to enter data/do formular. Surprisingly

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