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I like Excel very much It easy to use. Thanks Microsoft Teams and developer and please add more function on tools bar. Thank you. Great!

It is very practical and comfortable. Just it lacks some basic and important tools, like copy & pasting the format and insert or delete cells. Well done!!

Works like it should but missing some things like being able to update links to other sheets. And why on earth does excel online have auto complete for data validation but tbis doesn't? Worth it!

I've used Excel spreadsheets on a desktop for most of my career. Now I'm mostly reviewing such documents and find this app great as they can be accessed easily on my cell phone, a device smaller than a tablet. Viewing is made even better by "hiding" columns and rows not required to be seen. As time goes on I will take advantage of the file uploads. J Good

Its okay and useful. It could be perfect if not so slow and have predictive text. And sometimes the file wont save. Pretty good

Excel for mobile is great for noting changes to existing workbooks in the field. Creating and formatting workbooks can prove to be a challenge and is probably best left to desktops or laptop/tablets. We have found that utilizing OneDrive along with this version of Excel, we are able to share information and make changes as a team. Great job

Works like a lite version of the standard desktop excel, it's EXACTLY what you hope to get from a mobile app. Awesome

A bit difficult To change equations on a Phone ... did not try it on a tablet.. use it to view and small calculations .. I will try more complicated things Surprisingly

Many features I never use as they are a bit sophisticated without training and use. Try to simplify use of the program for more everyday use, perhaps having two ...IE...excel day....excel deep dive..... Good

I am able to access relevant documents that I've built with my laptop in one location via smart devices remotely through my personal cloud and manipulate basic data inputs to receive related output responses. For an app, I'm not sure what more you can possibly want. Great app to have. Recommend

love it, i have it in my mobile devices, is great to be able to do some work even from my cell phone.. Awesome

It's a great app for simple files or projects. Works well for basic work books. It would get 5 stars from me if it had the full editing capacity. Overall though a great app for on the go and file sharing. Just wow

So ferking useful. It is a shame that, like other Microsoft products, it keeps hanging on Android. Works great

Pretty much like the desktop version so I love it as it facilitates my keeping track of my orders & deliveries while mobile. Awesome

Thank you so much Microsoft! You make us to easy and useful everywhere to work. Don't stop to creative! Good job! Good

Excel by Microsoft on Android is very very good for all functions and formulas. Great app..Must have... Great job. love it

It lacks the ability to sort multiple columns based on any criteria. All you can do is sort highest to lowest or lowest to highest. I need to sort 5 columns based on criteria in two columns. I have to do this on the regular computer instead. Omg

It's wonderful that Microsoft has done a great job in creating an Excel version that works wonders on a handheld device not even running their operation system. Truly, a new Microsoft has indeed come! Great!

I expected this to be similar to the Microsoft Office version, but this app requires you to sign in - so that they can sell your email address to advertisers, no doubt. Why can't it store files with the same extension that a desk- or laptop does? Fabulous!

Me login nhi kar par rha hu jab bhi login karta hu to no network connection likha aata h Worth it!

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