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Surprisingly works better than chrome in most cases. I tried hard not to like it, but it's grown on me. Amazing!

Sure would be nice if the main bookmarks folder would stop disappearing due to deleting a couple marks, also drag sorting support and long press selection modes would be nice. Great!

This app is way better than Google chrome . fast , easy and I think it more secure Works great

Overall thanku microsoft for sich an awesome qpp... Its speed,looks etc is awesome 5 star

This app is great if you want a unique, and fast / fluid browser. This app, however does not come without its fair share of (minor) issues. The first one that comes to mind is the horrible way Google image searches work. If you Google something, and try to look at an image via Google image search, it might not work, it will register the press, but it won't respond. You have to turn the app off completely. Is it a huge issue? No, but it does take away from the otherwise (mostly) smooth browsing experience. Why did I say mostly? Because sometimes, especially during long browsing sessions, everything slows down, to a point where you can swipe up/ down a page, only to have it respond 0,5-1sec later, which is just not acceptable. Great!

Would like it if it gave you the option to add search engines outside of the ones provided and add-ons would be nice too. Until then I can't use this browser. Hopefully you add these things in a subsequent update. Works perfectly

Has now become my favourite browser,fast and simple on mobile,nice extras on pc version eg read aloud, copy page to one note,draw on page (with surface book) add tile tilt like on Firefox and be perfect Just wow

Great and nice, really smooth when your browsing.. but you should put downloader option for the video, like CM BROSWER easy to download any video like a movies, YouTube.. just some time i don't like the CM Browser the apps i lagging, freezing.. That's all, if you that option your apps will be perfect and probably i don't need CM BROSWER anymore.. keep it up.. Not bad

Excelent, as expected from Microsoft. It's fast, intuitive and has a great UI. Anyway, it still needs a touch of Fluent Design and the option to sync the history and tabs from its desktop version. Works great

Please let us disable top sites on new tab page, like on Windows Also swiping the between tabs is weird looking because the address bar disappears shifting the page up during the gesture Muito bom!

Would be miles better if it supported add-ons, or extensions as Microsoft likes to call them. Marvelous

app is very good for the most part. one major annoying problem.i found is with its sync function. its a hit and miss. more iften than not, it wont sync. Perfect

For the love of God PLEASE introduce a view password button! Some of us use phones where SwiftKey *shudder* is the keyboard. Need to see what I'm typing before I press login. Cool

The browser is really great and does really good most of all the time. Just two drawbacks that i have found are 1) No full screen view in some of the websites I am used to use in my routine, 2) Lack of ad blocking feature. If Microsoft solves these two issues then I am pretty sure that edge is going to be the best browser among all others. Must have

Would like it if it gave you the option to add search engines outside of the ones provided and add-ons would be nice too. Until then I can't use this browser. Other than these complaints I did grow to like the browser more than Chrome. Enjoy it!

On LineageOS, I can't paste a copied text in Chrome, but works just fine with Edge. It's also faster and the "continue on a PC" feature is awesome. I also like the way tabs are handled. For now it is my main browser on my phone. Absolutely no issues with it. Very well done Microsoft! Fantastic

Not being biased... My advice Do try out this for at least a week.. Then go back to chrome and after that you will automatically see the difference in speed and smoothness.. This app is fast. Good job microsoft Amazing!

Got this just now on my Galaxy Tab A 8". 'Well begun, half done' is my initial impressions. Perfect!

I like to continue on PC, saved pws are nice, great browser.. That being said it seems noticeably slower than Chrome.. Seems to pause on certain sites i give up and close it and reopen. Nice alternative that needs commitment. Omg

This app does not feel finished to me. I downloaded this as it had a built in back button. However no homepage button. I also found websites popped up notifications asking for my location something could not stop for all sites in one go. My go to browser currently on android is opera. This has the back button and home page button. Plus I don't get website popups. Well done!!

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