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It's very educational, however it should make u click on a link before showing u the most recent news feed. That way you don't use your 4g data automatically because how they have it now just for having this application on your phone u use your data even if your phone is in your pocket not being used. Worth it!

Great app! I love getting the news and weather every morning without having to do anything but roll over and pick up my phone. I love it! Enjoy it!

It has everything you can get info from. News weather to incidents getting around the world, new laws, and especially when they have new stuff for free. And they always have something new nothing repeated to entertain and inform you when you're on the go from the everyday life. Thank you MetroZone. Suggestion: you should have raffles at least once a month, spin the what ever wheel to win something. Try it out I bet it'll bring and have ppl down loading the MetroZone app. Just...a suggestion. Go well

Very informative for local and world news. Gives you fast breaking news alerts and horoscopes. Plus fun trending games and quizzes. I Love it!!! Omg

User interface is excellent in some ways, leaves much to be desired in other ways. News feed is INCONSISTENT in QUALITY! Some headlines are clearly sensationalism -- designed ONLY to get your attention -- and then when you click on them, there is no news affirming what you clicked on for!! You get instead some RAMBLINGS about the person or event you clicked on, but oftentimes NOTHING about the HEADLINES you clicked on -- which makes the headlines JUST LIES only to get you to the ADS within the RAMBLINGS!! This deceptive practice is a Disgusting Waste of Time! And,... BTW, pages load way too slowly compared to other websites with news feeds! Marvelous

Easy to navigate. I like that it covers everything. Not just sports but the people playing the game. You get to the heart of situations. The people under it all. You dig down to the roots.... Thanks and keep up the great reporting. Just wow

I do not know what to think you guys are professional to a fault Sharmain I believe is the essence of your company overall work ethic. It is this that makes my mind swoon when I converse with your female employees I forget all about the world they are good at their career choice. I look forward to hearing her voice along with Jennifer and I believe there is one other young lady who I just fall to my knees when I hear their voice. I should be thanking you for hiring them! Fantastic

Just recently downloaded app. Not had much time to spend with app , will certainly send a review when I have spent more time with it... Great!

Very informative app. But could do without all the advertisements that seem to break up every story you're reading. After finding your place again you've nearly lost interest . Why must they place advertisements in THE MIDDLE of every article!?? It's ridiculous and forceful to say the least. I know that we need to recognize sponsors and such however there has to be a more tactful way!!! Otherwise I'd give 5 stars!! Fabulous!

Its alright. Kind of annoying sometimes. And now my phone text pops up in a diffrent theme and box like messenger but not....Idk. It confuses me. But it's interactive. Surprisingly

Being surprised by the greatest of things only to remind myself when I unlock my phone to do what I was going to their it was looking right at me with no smile on it's face. Highly Recommend.

I luv the news because I like to know what's going on around me and we all should because everybody is not out to hurt someone, I luv the sun and Just wow

Like this app over all. Only thing I don't like too much is that I can't get it to stop popping up when ever I unlock my phone Works perfectly

I like it but i pops up every time open my phone..and it pops up during use of other apps...i like the variety..bu i want more local and national news thankyou. Muito bom!

I wish I could read an article, then go back and read the others that were listed with it instead of the page refreshing and the other articles I might have read go away. But all in all I really enjoy all that I read. Awesome

Love the stories and all the great news updates . I always know what's going on before my friends and family so I look smart and we'll read!ha Not bad

This app is amazing it lets u know about things that are happening all around the world plus it even has fun things like ur daily horoscope and ur daily fortune Good

I enjoy the MetroPCS app, the news is relevant and helpful. The format is easy to use and visibly pleasing. I've not incurred any glitches or slow buffering, but don't take my word for it; try it out! Perfect

Absolutely love the horoscopes. And of course the fortune cookies. For when I dont watch the news, this site becomes very informative. Worth it!

The headlines are very eye catching. If I knew of a way I can save the articles for when I'm not doing 8 things at once, I would give this app 5 stars. Great job

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