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Battery saver! Mesainger and FB in one app.. But some galleries doesnt look good.. Must have

Good Facebook replacement. Fast and lightweight. ISSUES: The regular version has homescreen shortcuts but the pro version doesn't? Why? Also, when the fixed toolbar is enabled and I'm at the top of the news feed, there are two toolbars on the screen. When I scroll down, one across away while the fixed one does what it's supposed to do. Please fix these issues! Surprisingly

So, this app is pretty much perfect.... Except, man, I /really/ need a "mark all as read" button for the notifications. I've checked them all, I swear, but it says I still have some unread. 1: No I don't and 2: Even if I didn't the ones that went unread were ones I didn't care about. So yeah. Pls fix mmk I love u long time and give 5 ★s. Awesome

I've been using Metal Pro for several months now, and it has been my #1 go to app for my social media use. I found the native Twitter and Facebook apps to be very resource hungry on my Android devices, and Metal is definitely a great alternative! I love being able to have both Twitter and Facebook in one app, and seemlessly switch between the two. Metal Pro is very user friendly, resource friendly, and clutter free. Not only that, but as a blind user, I am happy to see that Metal Pro is accessible with Android's built-in TalkBack screenreader. One little problem I have been having though, is that I am able to receive push notifications for Facebook, but not for Twitter. It would be awesome if you could please fix this in a future release. Also, it would be awesome if you could integrate video and voice calling in the app. Again, congratulations on the awesome work, keep it up! :) Recommend

This app has seen vast improvement since my last rating and merits an increase from two to five stars. It's a fantastic substitute for both Facebook and Twitter apps. Worth a go!

Speeds up every aspect of your phone, a game changer! It is not yet perfect, sometimes it doesn't display all the data. Still worth 5 stars though! Highly Recommend.

Small footprint and battery saver. Love that I can switch back and forth between Facebook and Twitter. Just wow

A great lightweight alternative to the official Facebook app. Feature laden and customizable, especially with the Pro version. The app, however, does not respect the "Do not disturb" mode on my Galaxy S9. Media played, such as videos, will play through the speakers when "Do not disturb" is on. Enjoy it!

I like it a lot. Much smaller than the official app, which was too big for my phone. Lots of great features, including the ability to run Twitter. Works great

What's not to like? I liked Metal so Metal Pro was no prob. 3mb for a FB app?! Do it! Metal Pro is slightly cleaner and more refined than Metal. 5 star

Option to disable swipe down to refresh page; I've had instances where I'd swipe up to read what I had wrote in a message just for the page to refresh thus page deleting everything I had written... Also, make the Pro material theme blend better and make the outlines more prominent while using the OLED theme. Perfect!

Love the battery savings, dark theme. Needs cut and paste badly and needs to support Marketplace. I want to be able to delete the FB app. You can do it! Awesome

Works well as an alternative to the bloatfest that is the official Facebook app. Yes it's just a wrapper for the mobile site but the extras like the AMOLED mode and left pane make it just as usable as the app but just as resource friendly as the browser. Worth the Pro donate for sure. love it

Love it. Much better than the Facebook app, which I quit using because it's a resource hog and intrusive. Also better than the Facebook web page. Worth it!

Having a minor GUI issue at the moment, but otherwise, Metal is everything I wanted in a 3rd party Facebook app. Brilliant

This app has replaced the stock Facebook on my S8. Better battery control, faster and it doesn't crash every 5 minutes. Absolutely loving it and worth every penny for the upgrade to Pro. Flawless

Perfect alternative to the ridiculously heavy Facebook app. Simple, fast, and it doesn't listen to your conversations either ;) Great job

This a good alternative app for Facebook. At times, I have issues with the Facebook app and use this one. I haven't had any problems using this so far. It's straightforward and easy to use. I wanted share something with a friend and wasn't sure if it would because the name on my friends list doesn't pop up. I'll have to use it more to get acquainted with it. Cool

It's ok. It definitely uses a lot less battery than the official app but sometimes it's a little slow loading and the comment editor could stand to be streamlined a little. Worth a go!

It's ok. It uses the mobile version of Facebook. Which is good because it's faster and uses less data. Navigation is a bit confusing. But that's the mobile version of FB, not the app. Worth a go!

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