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Good idea but not limited company based company with some information contained of them and will need you do get more info here or just in order it a couple questions feel comfortable you to be great deal breaker you hai a new set at home of it course if he did that day they had don't see attached document controller you could email message contains all... Flawless

It keeps saying sent failed please fix this stupid problem I've use messenger since it came out an never had this problem until I got the Samsung galaxy note 8 an I'm very disappointed in this problem Must have

Call keeps on dropping and sometimes peole on the other side hear my voice after quite a long delay. Connection drops and reconnects very hardly Flawless

Messager is a good app but it takes up a lot of my phone storage space. This app has games which I don't play any of those games. It has been too slow and take some time to load previous messages Amazing!

Good app, just wondering why it says I'm connected to new friends on messenger when everyone has to have the app for FB anyway. It just takes forever to delete all the notifications for people I will never talk to Omg

It's a wonderful messaging+ app. Would be 5 stars, tho I continue to experience an issue regardless what internet source I'm connected to. I'm sometimes (more and more) not notified of messages I've received. Internet connection is excellent, and, at least going by the info I got from T-Mobile (who I purchased my phone from) when a couple of their employees examined my phone to help me solve the issue, they said the issue wasn't phone related either (I got a Note 8). Enjoy it!

People still see you even when you are offline. Tried every suggestion i could find including deactivating my FB and nothing worked. Too bad it's the only thing that works with FB. Disappointing. Needs a fix. Superb!

Pretty sure my previous review was deleted from here.There are certain things we need to have fixed or added.Some are:no time limit on voice recordings,image search,ability to turn off my day,be able to tell if someone's online from mobile or web,be able to swipe left to reveal chat info,ability to choose multiple messages to delete and have pics shown without the need to open the message.If i remember more, which i know there are I'll add them. Worth it!

Like the instant messenger, but hate how it's separate from Facebook. It's takes up more space on my phone than need be 5 star

Most using app on phone and favorite app for communication but still there is missing varitaion of colors in chat... Like black and why the hell there is removed stickers in my day? And why there is games? Its taking just space Brilliant

Probably my absolute favorite messaging app of every other mms/sms/text/pic/vid/ and any other way you might want to communicate with friends and family.. near and abroad.. everyone loves FB Messenger Well done!!

The last 2 times this has updated, it has saved all of my fb messenger stickers as files in my photo gallery. Ugh. I can't even multiselect to delete them all. Such a pain and so time and memory consuming. Please fix ASAP. Worth it!

I can not get my filters sticker's to pop up. Everyone around me wit an android phone can get their messenger toady right. What is wrong with mine. I can not message anyone about this problem. Also I can not update my messenger. Fix this.... Muito bom!

I had to remove one star on my old review simply because this app has gotten horribly bloated, taking up way too much space on my phone and trying to do too many things. Somebody do something. Surprisingly

Can you please fix the app from acting VERY slow and making it freeze up sometimes. This is annoying when I'm watching TouTube and someone messages me the it slows down or freezes. Recommend

Whats wrong with video chat since i can see or hear my friend? I would like to know whats the problem. Perfect!

Great app. Only one problem when i wanna lock the app with my fingerprint in Huawei mate 10 pro, the application is not showing in the list. Any ideas? Fabulous!

This app is definitely worth downloading. I was using Whatsapp as another app in order to communicate with family and friends but the changes that Facebook made to this application definitely convince me that is the best app to use to communicate with family and friends. I love the fact that I am able to send and receive messages and that I can video call and I also like the fact that I can use Facebook to send group messages. Awesome

The app is great, but I wish you could fix it on how we can turn off our active status on the app. It takes forever with the loading contacts just to get to the switch on turning off our active status when we are not using the app or we don't be made available. Thanks Amazing!

I love messanger mainly cause I can't face time whoever I wanted the thing I dnt like about it is how it askes me if I want my text messages to be linked with messanger I did at 1st but I started to really despise using the text messaging through Messenger because sometimes I wouldn't know if it's Facebook message or text message it's just no use for it Marvelous

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