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It lacks ANY customization! Dark mode to say the least! Annoying "favourites" and people you may know that can not be permanently switched OFF. Usable communication tool, but needs a ton of work. Well done!!

Sometimes, when you play a game,a person writes you a message and you lose the game Great!

I love it, but seriously wish you could change your profile pic and definitely change colors for chats tjat only you can see - a version where the whole chat sees it and a version for just yourself. Works great

Works fine on my LG phone. But please, for the love, can we not have that stupid thumbs up send automatically? It's too easy to hit accidentally. Also, I need to be able to edit/remove my "likes" to individual messages. I sometimes hit that on accident too! Omg

Fantastic I love that I can use it on my chromebook aswell. but the chat heads need to be fixed on chromeos there's 2 of them and they're pretty glitchy. actually come to think of it any landscape mode device has pretty messed up chat heads Awesome

Pretty good app. Although notifications doesn't work well. They don't disappear after I read messages the first time. I have to open them twice which is annoying. This also results in the other person not seeing them as read. Another annoying thing is the "Your day" row that doesn't have a placeholder and moves everything down when it finally loads in. love it

Th reward system is obviously rigged to make you lay haha, i literally guessed id get every lowest reward out of 5 spin and wins that ive accumulated other then the fact that threward system is completely based around their marketing instead letting people enjoy ranking up successfully by actual skill.. other than that its a good time waster Fantastic

This is a good and helpful app. But my wife doesn't like it! she told me in a loud voice, with a switchblade in her left hand and a colt 45 in her right, its either me, or that ugly looking use less app that doesn't work. So I said to her ~{DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!}~ nothing can't stop the future of progress, so I reached for my phone and jumped on messenger and told the world what happened to me, the world rejoiced and partied 4 days and days, the ~{WORLD}~ is yours. Have a wonderful life, there's. someone out there who would love to be with you. Hang in there ISAAC it just gets better, ain't that right WORLD. So let that the good times roll, so say it the ~{GOD of THUNDER, ROCK~n~ ROLL}~ Omg

There's a bug right now where my chat heads keep disappearing when I close the app. It's a good app to communicate with friends. I don't like that you can't sign out of your account tho. That's a basic feature that any profile should have. Great!

Why are there chat heads for active now people and for the my day? It's honestly super annoying, I can only chat with two people at the same time. Please remove this annoying feature. Perfect!

A reliable app for messaging. Contains many features for improved convenience. Wish there was a way to disable the chat bubble from automatcally popping up when wifi is switched on. It distracts me when I'm doing online stuff like playing games, etc. Works perfectly

I don't know what they changed, they don't say - but this one is MUCH better than the other one that they didn't tell us what they changed in it. It MUST be, right? Otherwise, why would they have changed it? Maybe we don't need to know what they changed. Maybe they're not telling us for our own good. So we don't worry. Maybe they're fixing gaping security holes, that we would lose sleep over if we knew about. Or maybe it's just cosmetic. Nothing to worry about, so why tell is, eh. Not worry our pretty little heads. :-) Go well

Obviously good to connect with people on Facebook.. Chatting is generally pretty solid. Video calls are good considering they cost nothing (Recently 12.50 for each FB account). Does overlap with the person speaking a little. May just be internet connection. Still worth a download. Deal with the slight problems in a good mindset. Be grateful is essentially what I'm saying. Imagine <2005 Fabulous!

I mean it used to be a great app. But now there are many flaws. The biggest one is the 'Active Now' section. When i click on an active person's icon, it takes me to their chat. But when i reach the chat, it says 'Active 30 mins ago'. Please fix it. Great!

When it comes to text messeging it isnt the best. It confuses numbers. I try and text a friend on my normal phone messaging app and it pops up on messenger as a completely different number. If I reply to the number on messenger its just a random person. Brilliant

How do i get help with your app. I will be posting via media for i have asked for help and still have not recieve it. The app has major promblems and dressing it does not change the issues . i have been finding a other ways to talk to people on face book. Because of these issues.seriously. Perfect

Instead of the picture .... is waving at you, it appears to be a text. That's pretty annoying. Better improve that. Also people's picture in messenger appears differently from facebook. Their profile picture is stucked up. More improvement please. I am really displeased with the updates. Just wow

Awesome. But... There was a let down. Sometimes (not all the time) When i go to call my friend it said the person u have called is disconnected. I no it could of been my STUPID phone but yeah. Byeeee Superb!

I wish that they make an option to download filters that you want to keep forever like the raining hearts. And I would like to have animated reactions back. I used them when video chatting a lot and I want those filters back... otherwise really awesome app Omg

At last thank you for putting a dont ask me anymore check box for the data.. 5 stars. Now if you can also allow to disable "stories" and maybe also integrate the "active now" bubble to the main bubble because it is taking too much space, instead of having more chat heads, i have two useless "bubbles" taking up its space.. thanks Enjoy it!

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