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What's session exspired mean? My facebook n messesnger did that again on my phone it was fine when I was using it on my iPod so why my LG Stylo 3? Please fix Awesome

This app is nice except that when I upload Boomerang files my messenger will force close and an error message box will appear saying Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped. It always happen when I send it through chat or even when I upload it to My Day. Please fix it and I will rate your app 5star. Thanks Must have

I absolutely detest the fact that I have to download this fn spyware to see messages sent to me, I will be deleting it immediately after checking them. Cool

The app is sometimes it shows people active those are actually not...nd also shows people whether they are active or not...whom I've not added as my friend Muito bom!

Every time I get on Facebook and try to get into my messenger it doesn't work, I click on it and nothing happens Go well

For some reason the app started crashing and has not stopped! Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Highly Recommend.

It keeps telling me to update when I try to use it. All of a sudden my charger is not charging, and No longer at my door to grab! I went through this and cut almost everything. I am angry and by the end of the week, I am shutting you down. No offer of family plan upon getting new phone 2 weeks ago, I have been with you for along time! I will buy burners before I pay the new bill....please fix or it's goodbye, Facebook, ECT...this is b.s. Maryann Zirngiebel Works perfectly

Please create an option to turn off calling. I am constantly hitting that button and frantically trying to turn it off before the person answers. Which, by the way, it is not easy to do in a hurry it seems like. It needs to at least be a feature you need to search for or go another step to use, a confirmation verification or something before it dials!!! Fantastic

It's a decent app and easy to use. I wish there were a bit less "features". I don't need a separate section for games. I didn't know that games were still a thing on Facebook. Highly Recommend.

Messenger has evolved in such a way that one can only say as blissful. NOTE: BRING BACK THE OLD EMOJIS!!! The new ones are SUPER ugly. Worth it!

I wish advertisers didn't message me (after I look at an item)! I'd literally rather buy it anywhere else, because they didn't stalk me! Annoying. Well done!!

It does work..but there are notification issues that u need to look at tho.i dont get notifications untill 6-7 even 10 hourz after a message has been sent.whats the point..may as well download whatsapp thats secure now as well.i hate fb ppl Muito bom!

Giving it 3 coz for some reason my emojis are like browser ones or old version... Un installed and installed again and same thing happened!!!! Hate them!!! Flawless

I just want you fix the like button inside the messenger.. after reacting the photo or something, its not possible to change the reacting botton.. plz fix it. Brilliant

It would be really nice if I could delete people from People and from Recent Searches, be nice if this is made available in the next update - NEW UPDATE PLEASE Marvelous

Facebook wants control over my calls and texts with the new updates. No thank you, Facebook Enjoy it!

So powerful and I will be there is nothing wrong to me that I have to be with him for the first time in use thank you so much messenger Amazing!

I honestly wish they would take those extra bubbles off. I can only message 2 people at a time. I liked the older version before all these new updates. Also don't like how they keep changing the designs of the emojis on here. I like the old ones best. The new ones are plain and blend in with the background 2 much. Go well

Seems my old review got removed I'll sum it up. Every update what's new says I can see my calls all in one place for like half a year now. All I want is personal text tones for individuals, then messenger gonna ask me if I want my real text to go to it haha Nah I'm good not till I can set tones bc I wanna know who it is without looking. Works great

Khub bhalo ei apptiakarane bhalo lage je ete sob chobi ja bhalo bhabe onekdin por o paua jai. Must have

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