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I would like to give its 5star but it takes too much RAM in my phone.. Plz make this app a little lite.. And don't consider that you've messenger lite.. Fantastic

I loved this app until the last update and now it tells me updates about people I've messaged that I don't even know... it's just people I messaged about buying things I don't need to be kept updated about them n such. If I can fix some way Facebook....please let me know Perfect!

It would be very helpful if there was an option to change your password from messenger. I need to access this account on my computer but I don't have access to the phone number any more and I can't remember my password love it

Instantly connect with the people in your life. Messenger is free, fast, and secure. - Reach anyone. You can use names or phone numbers to find friends. - Use everywhere. Messenger works across all mobile and desktop devices. You can even connect with people internationally! - Connect however you want. Send a text message, share a photo, or start a video chat — all in Messenger. - Communicate better with groups. Catch up in real time with high quality group video chat or customize your messaging experience with colors, nicknames, and group photos. - Call and video chat your friends 1:1 or in groups. It's free over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply), so talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. - Express yourself. Send emojis, stickers, and GIFs to conversations or add new masks and effects to your video chats. - Capture photos and videos with fun art and effects. You can save these to camera roll, send to conversations, or post to your Day, a place where people can see what you're up to. - Play games and compete with your friends. You can compare scores and see how you rank against other people. - Chat with businesses. You can make reservations, check on orders, and get real-time customer service. love it

***DO NOT SHOW ADS IN THE MESSAGES LIST*** Saw one pop up today for the first time, listed in with my text/messenger conversations.... absolutely NOT okay. Facebook, please do not start adding ads to this app anywhere dealing with my calls, texts, chats, video calls. That part of anyone's phone should remain an ad-free experience. Rated 4 stars because I otherwise love using this app. Just wow

Great app. No need for FaceTime when you have this. And it's easy to share photos and videos. I was mad when Facebook forced people to download messenger in order to be able to private message people. But now I'm not mad because it was a great idea. You can do anything with the messenger app! wow lol

Let me preface this by saying, I keep coming back to this app, but that doesn't mean it's good. It's often laggy, slow, and horrible for battery and memory, but it's convenient. I keep switching between this and Pulse messenger (a much better over all app but lacks a couple of things I personally like). This app is bloated and over the top. But it's chat heads, integration with Facebook and etc... make key features that bring me back. If you do not talk to people through Facebook messenger much, then defiantly get the light version. If you rely on it, this is unfortunately your best bet Flawless

App has been around for several years but doesn't have a search function, makes it good for short interactions but not long conversations\threads. Overall good app Not bad

I'm annoyed at how. If you prefer NOT to use messenger. You get a popup ad from it on Facebook constantly. The app is awesome. But it's a real nuisance in my opinion Worth it!

I don't need all of the things that you can do on here. It's just not my taste and takes up a lot of my memory space just to have it. Great job

Four stars because my new messages aren't bold so I can't tell what to click to make my new message symbol go away ever.. Everything else works great! Perfect!

How can I stop my account to show off when I'm online ? It's irritating when I come online and people start to message what I don't want .......please help Perfect

I like the app. The camera is a bit strange though, when you take a picture it takes a bit longer to load and if you move, it messes up the picture. Didn't used to do this. Also, I had a thing where it switched to Facebook Emojis until the recent update. I quite liked the Facebook Emojis and they fit the app a lot more nicely. Plus, there's more variety. It would be nice if they were the default, or it'd be nice if you could switch which ones you want to use. Flawless

PROBLEM REPORT Hello, Facebook. After a few months, I noticed that I could no longer receive new msg requests. Some of my acquaintances(who aren't friends with me on FB) insisted that they sent me msgs. Upon searching their names on Messenger, there were indeed unread msgs awaiting to be accepted. I am having trouble because the new msgs from those who are not connected with me on Messenger do not go directly to my 'Message Requests' folder. Please help. I like Messenger so much but this specific problem has been affecting my interaction with real life acquaintances. Great!

I like it, but its annoying how it shows someone is actice on messenger but not,even really on it! I've had people message me and get angry i didnt respond cause they said messenger said i was active when in fact I wasn't on. But overall decent 5 star

Yes, it is free and can be used even if there is no wifi but every damn time it starts, my messages are not fully updated. Some messages are missing in the conversation. And i cant send files or maybe i just dont know how.. Haha but the issue is that not all messages are placed in the convo when it comes to messenger but when i open the convo in fb lite, the message is there. Fabulous!

Use this for both messages and SMS, and love it. The only thing that would make it better is if my personalized contact notifications ported over. Right now I can only use one sound for all. Pretty good

Ive had this app for awhile now, I dont like the personal information you have to give them and all the permissions but I hear this from everyone but they wont go anywhere else, like me, I love connecting to people on this thing all around the globe, my family is right there even though theyre a hundred miles away, I actually dont know what to do without it, its what we talked about as a kid in the 70s come true, "some day we will be able to see who we talk to", its truely amazing technolagy, I do recommend this to Everyone. wow lol

Its an amazing app I found it helpful and comfortable but it need a little bit improvements in audio calling bcz sometime with full signals the call dropped and not connected. Brilliant

This update is not good.Previously we can video chat as well as do our own work in background but now if we go back from messenger then suddenly the other person sees that my camera is off.please roll back that feature again. Great job

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