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I like this app but it gets super annoying when people use it to call you over and over again and there is no way to stop the call unless you block them but the person calling me over and over is a relative and blocking is not an option for me but if I answer they are just going to want money oh and I forgot to mention you can't use your phone when said person is calling you over and over please fix that!!! It is called Facebook messenger not Facebook call and annoy whoever you want to and them not be able to do anything about it unless they delete the app. Brilliant

This bloody app updates more regularly than Trump Tweets. And nothing seems to change, just hogs more space. "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!" Not bad

Pretty good app for messaging. Only reason it's getting 4 stars is because that whole in chat reaction thing is very annoying, especially when you're trying to scroll through it, other than that, I highly recommend this app if you want easy and convenient messaging. Well done!!

Used to be great and used to love it. Now not so much cause I can't understand emojis sent, too small and indecipherable! Some times get lost on which button to press to do whatever I'm looking for. Amazing!

It seems facebook have fixed the glitches within the app which is good. It still occasionally stuffs up but what app doesn't. I am using a Galaxy S8 and the app works very well. It is a convenient way of staying in touch with people. Just wow

It always says the person is typing when they mostly aren't, it's also not acuarate with when the person is online or not. Notifications are a mess, sometimes I don't get any, sometimes I get them hours later other times I get them twice. This is the only msg app that I've had this problems with, it shouldn't be that hard to get fixed. Muito bom!

Why do I keep getting a notification in my Facebook app saying I have a message when I don't. I check it and nothing. The little red dot by the messenger icon goes away and it's back 10 minutes later. Very annoying. Other than that the ap is fine. Great!

Um hi I have a problem. I recently cleared all the data in my messenger and now the recent updates such as my day and such are gone. Is there any way to fix it? Must have

Something weird is happened with this app, all of the dp is blank and i can't receive any text.. Need to uninstall and reinstall then i received lots of text after reinstall. Done this for 3 times already. It's not about the connection problem coz I'm connect with wifi or phone data are the same... The previous version is better than this latest version. Please fix it. Thank you. love it

I like this app. I live in California and I have family in Florida. So it gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with them through video conversations. Including with my young nieces and nephews. Worth a go!

This is the best app, by using this app without typing any password we directly starts our chatting Perfect

Something weird happened. I was telling a group of friends about a movie idea I have. Well, when I submitted it, instead of white text on a blue background, I got white text outlined in black on a white background rather than inside a blue box. None of the other messages appear that way. I told my friend about the idea, and the same thing happened again. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5, and I'm using the current version of messenger. What's going on? This is weird. Just wow

I just wanna ask you.... developers ... all the when I'm starting massage this app always show me notice. "You temporarily blocked to perform this action " why why why .....? Who block me why I've been blocked ... I just message to my fb friends..... please solve my problem please fix it admin Works perfectly

Dear sir, From the Last two week I can't create appointments for my customers, before it was ok but from the last few weeks it's not working I alraedy select google calender still same issue and than I apply it my phone calendar still same. Kindly fix it Brilliant

Hi i reinstalled my app and download direct from playstore. Now, i have a problem my previous messenger version during videocall when minimize , the video still oj the background. Currently new version app it don't have that feature. Omg

I think a good update is to put a search bar in conversations I mean if I want to go back and see old chats with a friend I would be able to choose a certain date and see the chats we hade back then. Also with the new update sometimes when I send messages they don't appear delivered even when the other person is active and has Internet connection. Brilliant

Almost better than using your cell phone to make calls. Face to face video calls are not available on all phones yet. But this app can do it. Love the option to just text message. Love all the different tools that go with the app. I like that you don't have to have a Facebook account to use this....But it .....Does find contacts.... Marvelous

App is great when it is working. After the most recent update, I am lucky to receive messages within an hour of them being sent! Tried uninstalling and re-installing but to no avail. No issues with signal connection to cause the issue. This needs fixed urgently Worth it!

As far as i can tell for as short of a time that i have been on my phone today it seems fine too me. I not really down with this kind of funk anautical appliancanomics, Just a rough neck carpenter in a fairly hard world of unforgiving clients and friends. Kerry D. Pretty good

For about every 1 out of 3 calls (both with and without video calls) the audio and/or video is choppy. WiFi and network give same results. Over the years, I've gotten more used to hearing the "trying to connect" sounds. Some days are better than others but without fail on any given day I have used it I've had one of these issues. It's not so much a question of "if" it will happen, it's more of a "how severely" it will happen. I've tried several other video calling apps, but keep coming back to this one as it's the lesser of all the headaches. Works perfectly

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