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I always hated messager but this new messager is awesome. I love it. I like that u can pick different stickers and smilies.

Love photo synching features! Love the new latest photo synching features. I wish they would consider having an album of photos that I have sent and received in private messages for easier access later. Also having the photos available in the original file size and not reduced would be also good.. Recommend to get Facebook Messenger APK.

Almost there....! But i wanna be able to save pictures sent thru messenger. I try by clicking on the pic and only get the option to delete message. Fix it plz. Recommend to take Facebook Messenger APK.

Excellent! This app finally allows you to have IM on Facebook for Mobile. Runs smoothly, messages delivered immediately. Recommend this app to everyone! 5 Stars!. Recommend to take Facebook Messenger APK.

Good but needs some work! I've been using this app for Sms and FB chat since I got the phone and I'd love it, if it wasn't beeping and vibrating everytime I got the message when the app was in focus. I tried to find a better app for SMS and FB chat and it turned out there aren't many options. I'd really like to see some more SMS/MMS functionality and no notifications when I'm in the app.

#voice-recorder Cool! I think its really cool that the developers thought of the SMS/MMS thing. Its all so convenient now! :) I just wanna suggest separating SMSs and MMSs from Facebook Messages. The inbox looks all mashed up and messy. Aside from that, loving it! Kudos to the dev. team. XDD!!

Turn off notification bar! Love the app. Just wish you had an option to turn off the whole message from appearing on the notification bar. I just want the icon not the whole message.

#staying-connected Indispensable!! I have to say that this app has become indispensable for me. It's better than using the main Facebook app because it's faster and cleaner to use because it's focused on a single functionality. This app has become indispensable for me; I use it all the time to message friends, especially group messages, and it acts as a replacement for texts for friends whose numbers I don't know or who live abroad.

Needs more options for sms! Separate audio notification for sms and im or Facebook message. Disable auto rotation, and vibrate depending on the system setting! Beside that It's perfect to combine sms and im. FONT SIZE IS TOO SMALL. For FB messaging is and works perfect.

#group-chat Fixed.. But still! Crashing fixed n more faster Last update was awsome ..... It had cleared many of the bugs and I really loved the new theme and well done guys ... But takin too long to get a notification

#walkie-talkie Almost good.! Sense I don't ise FB notificatons, so I turn them off for messanger. But the constant reminder to turn notifications on is annoying as fu**... So, yeah.

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